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Apex Legends: Theorycrafting 3 Interesting Comps

Apex Legends has taken the world by storm, similar to H1Z1, PUBG and Fortnite that came before it. Yet this game feels different for many reasons. The most important difference is that it has actual characters with different abilities which allows the game to have a completely different level of strategy than what was seen with the other battle royales. When squading up with friends, most players just pick whoever they want. But it may be better to look to try and bring synergy within a team composition. Here are a few interesting comps.

1. Trickster Team: Mirage, Wraith and Bangalore

This team’s name says it all: the point is to trick opponents into not knowing where anyone on the squad is. The set up is primarily based around Bangalore’s smoke launcher. Putting up the smokescreen is key to just about any fight which is why she is picked so often.

Courtesy of GameReactor

Once under cover, Wraith can use her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, to either escape or get behind the enemy. The true trickery can happen at the same time with Mirage using either Psyche Out or Vanishing Act. This will either draw the enemies eyes to an incorrect location which is enough for the team to come out of the smoke firing, or for them to escape. Once the enemy is distracted, the team can take the Wraith portal behind the enemy to flank them completely by surprise. To add insult to injury and really confuse the enemies, Bangalore can drop her ultimate, Rolling Thunder. Not only does it do damage but it also slows and disorients. This can really throw them for a loop.

With the variety of different ways this comp can be successful it is one that is not only fun but deadly, especially during key fights in the game.

2. Survival Squad: Lifeline, Gibraltar and either Wraith or Pathfinder

Courtesy of GameWith

Survival is the name of the game here, as the way to win boils down to being the last squad alive. This squad is based on keeping the team alive through healing, shields and team mobility. They can either survive most fights or escape from them without much issue.

Lifeline obviously provides the healing, but her passive Combat Medic and ultimate, Care Package are also crucial. Allowing her to revive with less worry while the teammate not down fights can be key. Also getting major upgrades to help the team at any point in the game can be huge.

Gibraltar brings his shield, Dome of Protection, that he can even put an enemy in to keep them from firing at teammates and allow them to play in and out of it. His ultimate, Defensive Bombardment is almost always seen as being used for offense. Yet it is called defensive for a reason. Using it to zone enemies away while the team heals or runs is also a very efficient use. One could even use it to stop a flanking team for third partying.

Lastly, Wraith and Pathfinder both serve a similar use in this composition. Their ultimates can be key for getting a team in or out of a fight. Wraith’s ultimate is probably best as the team can’t be shot during it, but if someone is feeling the individual mobility and passive of Pathfinder then they can use it as well.

3. Smog and Sight: Bangalore, Bloodhound and Caustic

This may easily be one of the most fun comps in the game if played correctly. To start this team will want to either be fighting in close-combat or in areas that aren’t as wide open. This is because it is about setting up a perimeter of smoke and toxic gas.

Courtesy of Game Revolution

To start, Bangalore serves a similar purpose as she does in the Trickster Team. She uses her smoke to keep the enemy from seeing and can use her ultimate to damage, slow and disorient. Then to add to it Caustic can drop Nox Gas Traps and his ultimate Nox Gas Grenade. This will again keep the enemy from being able to see. If they do decide to run through the initial gas,  Caustic will be able to see the enemies to lay down the fire. While this does present a problem for teammates it is key that Caustic waits until the enemies get closer while allowing his team to kite away.

This then sets up the key to it all, Bloodhound. He can either use Eye of the Allfather or his ultimate Beast of the Hunt to see through everything while the enemies can’t see anything. Bloodhound can lay down fire and quickly run around and even through certain parts of the fight to lay into the enemy.

If this squad is used correctly it could be extremely effective. This is because it is the only one that does not require an ultimate at all so it can be used in multiple successive fights. It requires great coordination and communication but it can help teams not only rank up quick kills, but should allow them to do so without taking much damage either.


While ranked has not come out yet and the new Legend is apparently on the horizon, right now these could be very good comps to run. Anyone can use them as every Legend is used so they can base it around what style of play they are feeling at the moment. It will be interesting to see how more comps evolve with time as new Legends are added as well as different play styles.


What comps do you like to run and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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