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An interactive session with Antidote, the Primary AWPer for Optic INDIA

Optic created sensation in the Indian CSGO scene with the announcement of the plan to recruit an Indian team to aid the growth of the scene and support Indian Counter Strike.

In association with Sostronk, Optic went about their rigorous screening process, which saw over 1200 applications. From 1200, Optic and Sostronk managed to narrow it down to eight players out of which the final five were selected.

One of the five selected is Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose, who will take up the duties to be Primary AWPer of the Optic India roster. Antidote is a known quantity in the Indian scene, having been a dominant name in the CSGO scene for over two years now.

One of the chosen five. (Picture Courtesy – Optic India Facebook page)

Antidote has earned the nickname ‘mini-KennyS’ from Prashant ‘Aequitas’ Prabhakar, the current coach of Entity’s CSGO roster and one of the key men who were behind the screening process.

The Optic India recruit though, is as good with the rifle as he is with the Big Green Gun. Abhisek ‘GodspeedxD’ Bajaj sat down with the mercurial AWPer to have a conversation about Optic India, the opportunity and a little bit about himself. Before we start, we would like to thank Antidote for taking time out for this conversation.

[Note: G stands for the interviewer – GodspeedxD and A stands for the interviewee – Antidote]

G: First of all, let me start off by congratulating you for being a part of the Optic India roster. How does it feel to be a part of what is set to be a historic venture in the Indian Counter Strike scene?

A: Thank you so much. I feel great to be part of an organization as huge as Optic. I cannot wait to play my first LAN event with the Greenwall.

G: We understand this was a drawn out screening process, with over 1200 applicants before Optic in association with Sostronk and Aequitas whittled it down to the ultimate five. Can you shed some light on the process?

A: Well, the entire screening process was interesting and the first of its kind in the Indian scene. It was very tough for the decision makers to select 5 from around 1400 applicants.

I started from the second day of the LAN phase of the screening process. I played just two maps and was then told to rest while others were made to play two or three additional maps. At that moment, i felt like i had not been able to make the cut. When the final names were called out, I was elated to hear my name up there with the rest of the players.

After over 1000 applications were whittled down to 8, Optic chose 5 of them to represent their Indian venture. (Picture Courtesy – Optic India Facebook Page)

G: Talking about the roster, have you had a chance to interact with the rest of the team?

A: Yeah, i have interacted with all of them before the team came into existence. They all seem dedicated and on top of that, nice individuals. I don’t think we will need much time to gel with each other as a unit.

G: Let’s talk about you as an individual. You are an experienced customer in the Indian CSGO scene. How do you find Optic India as an opportunity?

A: All i can say is Optic have provided us with an excellent opportunity to work on our skills, master them and produce results. I hope to do justice to the Optic tag. Hopefully, we as a team get to show the world what Indian Counter Strike can do.

We want to produce results that match the expectations of the fans that will be supporting us in our journey.

G: You are the Primary AWPer in the roster. But, you are equally deadly with the rifle. Which players do you look up to as an inspiration?

A: It feels good when someone complements my rifling skills. My all-time favourites are f0rest, olofmeister and coldzera.

G: Who is your favourite Optic player and why?

A: While they are all good, my favourite is undoubtedly k0nfig. His attitude might put off others but he comes across as honest to me. He is also very versatile in his game, which i like a lot.

Exciting times ahead for Antidote and the Optic India roster. (Picture Courtesy - Sabyasachi Bose's Facebook Page)
Exciting times ahead for Antidote and the Optic India roster. (Picture Courtesy – Sabyasachi Bose’s Facebook Page)

G: Thank you for taking time out to talk to us, Antidote! We wish you and the Optic India roster all the luck. Any shoutouts?

A: My pleasure. I would like to thank Optic for giving me and the entire team an opportunity to represent the Greenwall. A huge shoutout to my mom and my girlfriend Nisha for always being by my side. Also, a shoutout to The Game Haus and Abhisek Bajaj for a wonderful session.

It will be interesting to see how Antidote performs within the Optic India roster. But, the team looks strong on paper and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Optic India and the Indian Counter Strike scene.

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