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Aghanim’s Scepters that could be and should be

Earlier this week I made a post on r/Dota2 about a horrible idea I had for a Techies Aghanim’s Scepter. Feel free to check it out for a few good laughs. After that, I started to think about the potential with the upcoming patch Valve has announced with a November first date. Before then, it might be time to try out some interesting Aghanim’s Scepter abilities.

The ultimate high-ground defense

As if this wasn’t already hard enough. Many games have been lost due to the enemy team holding high-ground, killing your whole team, walking down mid and ending the game. You’ve lost a lot of sleep and even more MMR over it. With a couple Aghanim’s Scepter’s you could create the ultimate defense.

Start out with Zeus’ Nimbus that he gains from having a Scepter. This ability in front of a tower already gets pretty annoying to push into, especially with Lightning Bolt gaining another half-second Ministun with his level 20 talent. Add onto this an Omniknight and Sniper both with Aghanim’s and you will never lose high-ground again! Sniper’s upgraded Assassinate becomes a ground-targeted spell that hits all visible player controlled units in a 400 AoE for a 2.8x critical strike while also proccing a Headshot, also changing the ability from Magic damage to Physical damage.

If this doesn’t make you hate 7.06 even more, then wait until the Omniknight comes in. Actually, he wouldn’t even need to as his Aghs upgrade makes Guardian Angel a global ability that also effects buildings for ten seconds at level three. Just imagine you walk up to high-ground into a Nimbus, Arc spam, a Sniper with a Mjollnir/Aghs and this Omni. Might as well gg.

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Space cow or clown car

Spirit Breakers resurgence into the 7.06 meta really drove the pace of games, transforming DotA into the chaotic mess of fights we see today. How could this get any better? Well, one of Spirit Breaker’s favorite heroes to play with is Lifestealer. Naix’s ultimate Infest has obvious natural synergy with Spirit Breaker’s Charge of Darkness. It provides a gap closing mechanism to two heroes that want to force fights once Lifestealer reaches level 6. The combo itself is already very potent. Adding a Scepter to Lifestealer grants him a new ability called Assimilate which allows him to swallow another hero. While inside Naix the other hero still gains gold and experience while maintaining auras.

This would allow for heroes like Alchemist with a Radiance to ride around with Naix and his Space Cow pal. On ejecting from Lifestealer the other hero would cause an explosion dealing 300 magic damage in an AoE. Very much like Infest which deals 400 magic damage in an AoE. Pair this with another global hero that does tons of magic damage like Meepo. In theory, Spirit Breaker shows up and bashes you. A Lifestealer jumps out hitting you for 400 damage. Then a Meepo pops out for another 300 damage and nets you while poofing as well. This would make a Black King Bar mandatory on every hero., while still not doing anything against Spirit Breaker. Properly executed, this clown car could dominate the map, making life miserable for all in its path.

Honorable mentions

Finally, I wanted to make sure I thanked the community for this awesome inspiration. Here are some of my favorite comments/theories from the thread.

“TheGreatGimmick” provided an incredibly interesting and well put-together list, but these were my favorite:

Slardar – True Strike now grants True Strike and is only purged by strong dispels.

Ember Spirit – If Flame Guard expires or is dispelled before it has absorbed all the magical damage possible, it deals half the remaining capacity in an AoE as a magical damage nuke. Additionally, Fire Remnants now possess Flame Guard as well as maintaining nuke damage on activation.

Both of these would be extremely fun to see. While the Slardar change would be the Phantom Assassin counter we have all been waiting for. Ember’s fire remnants having flame guard would probably need a little more balancing.

Another great idea came from “acbasco” who might have finally figured out how to help Terrorblade scale into late game.

Terrorblade – Metamorphosis is now a toggleable ability, consuming x mana per second.

This would be really cool for TB who is almost useless without Metamorphosis after the mid game. Also, I don’t think it would be too overpowered as Terrorblade’s mana pool isn’t the best. Regardless, it would be a fun change to the hero that would amplify the reasons that he is already good.

See you all November 1st for Dueling Fates!

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