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Hearthstone: 5 Vargoth combos to try before rotation

Archmage Vargoth is a great teaser for the upcoming expansion. Efficiently statted, and with a powerful unique effect, Vargoth is good in virtually any spell-oriented deck. But while Vargoth is great with even straightforward effects like Shield Slam or Cinderstorm, there are some truly unique and absurdly potent synergies with cards from the Year of the Mammoth. With only a few days until rotation, now is the chance to try these combos out in standard. So fish out your meme cards, revive your decklists, and get ready to behold the power of Dalaran.

Diamond Spellstone

When 4 isn’t enough?

You’ve probably already encountered this on Ladder, but Vargoth is pretty ludicrous with Priest’s resurrecting Diamond Spellstone. When you bring back the Archmage, he gives you a second resurrect effect at the end of your turn. This doubling of your resurrect can instantly create utterly terrifying boards. He also has a natural synergy with many of the cards resurrect Priests may run anyway, like Shadow Visions, Mind Blast, or Shadow Essence.

The sheer power of Vargoth gives these decks a mercifully brief boost, but it’d be a shame to miss out on it. If you haven’t messed about with Priest yet and have the necessary cards clogging up your collection, now’s a great time for one last hurrah.

Time Warp

The Mage Quest arguably takes the spot of second-most complained about Quest. Though it was never nerfed, its control-killing power was almost as great as that of Rogue. However, despite its massive OTK potential, it required a lot of combo pieces to be successful and was typically weak to aggro.

But with Vargoth, killing your opponent gets a lot more simple. Vargoth gives you an utterly broken two consecutive turns following the Time Warp. This allows you to set up all kinds of minion or spell-based combos to dispatch your opponent, not least aided by further doubling of spells from Vargoth.

Marin the Fox

Marin’s hardly the most competitive card, but he’s sneaked his way into slightly meme-ier versions of otherwise potent decks. Dead Man’s Hand Warrior and Toggwaggle Druid have come to utilize his ridiculous treasures to surprising effect. Vargoth can make some of these treasures even more ludicrous. Summoning 2 Legendaries for 3 mana is pretty good; but how about 4? The power of drawing 6 free cards that all cost nothing can also practically guarantee a win.

Make Marin even more ludicrous

While he won’t work with every treasure, he can always work on your other spells if things don’t go in your favor. And when he hits a good target, you’ll likely earn not only the victory but a decent shot of featuring on Trolden.

Deck of Wonders

Okay, this isn’t exactly the most overpowered, or even powerful effect. But with Yogg out of the rotation, there’s a severe lack of randomly cast spells. Vargoth Supercharges this effect, giving you far more clown fiesta opportunity.

If you want to really go wild, combine Vargoth with Time Warp, Drakkari enchanter and Molten reflection to add truly ludicrous quantities of spells. Of course, you could just kill them with Cinderstorm, but where’s the fun in that?

Oaken Summons

Druid’s not had a great time lately, but you can reclaim some of that lost glory with Vargoth. Oaken Summons into Vargoth will immediately cast it again, getting you 8 mana and two cards worth of above-the-curve value on turn 4 or earlier. Who needs a 2 mana wild growth when you can build a massive turn 4 board, protect a value generator with taunt and gain 12 armor?

Sadly, all these ridiculous combos will rotate out in just a few days. Perhaps it’s for the best, they could quickly become oppressive. But until then, it’s worth adding a little taste of Dalaran magic to the Year of the Raven.

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