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5 Esports you didn’t even know existed


Until relatively recently, the existence of esports was hardly known at all outside of fans of the field. There has been a rise in public knowledge of the discipline in recent years — but it still remains a relatively unknown sector for those looking from the outside in. 

Some big esports names, like Call of Duty, are well known — not least because they’re enormous franchises outside of the world of esports, and have been played by individuals around the world long before esports players began playing them competitively for sponsorship deals and more. Other esports, though, are much less famous. This blog post will help you dive into the world of esports and provide some direction on where to look if you’d like to uncover something a bit more unusual. 


Overwatch is an action hero team game. When it comes to esports, however, it’s possible to play in a whole host of leagues. The Overwatch League is city-based, and is perfect for those who are top pros: careers in Overwatch playing are on offer in this game, although you’ll need to be selected in order to be allowed to join in. 

For those who don’t fancy their chances as an international Overwatch pro champion, the Open Division may be for you. It’s open to players in a wide range of regions, including Europe, the Americas, China and more. It’s unlikely that gamblers around the world will be seeing your name on the list of esports odds any time soon if you go down this route, as most online bettors stick to the big games and the big names within them. However, you’ll still be able to feel the fun and thrill of an exciting Overwatch team game — and may even make some new gaming buddies in the process.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter game which is made by the Canadian developer Ubisoft. It’s widely known for its association with Tom Clancy, the novelist — and as an esports game, it’s a great chance to work on tactical shooting. 

Rainbow Six Siege has, however, not been without its problems. The game hit the headlines recently when its developer, Ubisoft, said that those who abuse the “AFK” functions — which can allow gamers to cheat — would be sanctioned manually. While this is far from the only esports game to face this challenge, it’s certainly one which is in the news at the moment. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another esports game that has slipped somewhat under the radar in recent years. Its official entry on the website of the developer EA alludes to this by pointing out that it doesn’t currently offer any broadcast channels for games, meaning that those who want to view Apex Legends esports fixtures as they happen will need to check back soon. There are, however, a number of split events coming up in October — so if you want to get into Apex Legends esports, there’s definitely an option. 


While Hearthstone is perhaps not nearly as well-known as other esports legends like Fortnite, it’s still worth investigating. There are plenty of entry points and tournaments available for those who want to play Hearthstone as an esport too. From Hearthstone Grandmasters and Masters Tours to Masters Qualifiers, there’s a whole host to pick from. 


Finally, it might seem strange to be comparing a geography trivia exercise to games like Rainbow Six Siege and Hearthstone, but there’s no denying that Geoguessr is in essence one of the esports world’s most popular games. This game, which shows a random point on Google Maps and asks you to guess where you are, is surprisingly addictive. While you could be placed anywhere from downtown Los Angeles to rural Scotland, there are plenty of hints you can pick up once you get the hang of it. For those who want to compete, there’s every opportunity to get involved and play against others from around the world.

In short, there’s a whole world of esports available. Unless you’re a mega fan, it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of all the options. From Overwatch to Rainbow Six Siege and everything in between, there are loads of little known esport disciplines to become involved in – and if you’ve got some spare time at the moment to play, perhaps it’s worth investigating one of these options from off the beaten esports track.  

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