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5 Best Off-Build Champions in Teamfight Tactics

Right now there are a lot of different builds and combinations that players can use while playing Teamfight Tactics. But, at any time in the game a player may not be getting the rolls they need and have to pull out a champion that is not perfect for their build. This can be frustrating but there are champions that can be useful in these situations and potentially ones that be used throughout the game.

5. Blitzcrank

The only Robot in the game and the only champion that automatically can get to the backline carry of any comp if positioned correctly. While he has the bruiser class, Blitzcrank basically goes with no comps in the game. His only use is making it so that the Aurelion Sol, Draven or Vayne sitting in the back of someone’s comp gets pulled right where a player wants them. Blitz can be used very effectively during the mid and late game. The only reason it is not higher on this list is because of the fact that it doesn’t synergize with any meta comps and that people can easily reposition.

4. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath has many uses in TFT right now. He can complete a void comp and be the frontline desperately needed for it or he can be the massive crowd-control needed at just about anytime in the game. Since he only shows up mid and late game that is the only time to use him but having one on any bench is never a bad idea. Getting a knock-up and soaking up damage can be useful on anyone’s board which is why if players need just a bit of either of those options, picking up a Cho’Gath can go a long way.

3. Lulu

Wish there was a champion that could heal and provide crowd-control? Well Lulu is that champion and it seems as though she is available during the first carousel pretty regularly. This makes her a prime early and mid game champion that can almost solo carry an entire team no matter what the comp is. Putting some early game spell damage and attack speed items like Rabadons and Guinsoos can not only buff her but the champions she is buffing as well. Getting a knock-up and heal on any champion, even two if she is level two, can be game-changing. Then late game if the team is not running yordle or needing her to be the carry sorcerer, then she can be sold and have those items put on someone like an Aurelion Sol.

2. Yasuo

Like Blitzcrank, Yasuo is one of a kind as he is the only Exile in the game. His passive allows him to have double health in the form of a shield to start the game. Even at level one, this means Yasuo has 1,400 health to start each match. Not only that but his spell does insane damage and provides a valuable knock-up relatively quickly. Throwing him at the end of any game off to the side to take away focus from the enemy and survive or even win the fight makes him nearly invaluable.

1. Garen

There may not be a better one-cost champion in the game right now than Garen. His value at any point in the game is what allows him to top this list. Not only is he tanky as a knight but he also offers value as a noble to get the early and mid game buff. To add to it he outputs an insane amount of damage to one enemy or an entire team if they surround him, even with the nerf. With him being low-cost players can invest in him at any point in the game and quickly level him up. On top of that putting a Warmogs on him basically makes him unkillable. Because of his tankiness and damage, he can be the tank in any comp and provide value at any point in the game. He truly does spin to win.


Who are your go to off-build champions? Let us know in the comments below!

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