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30 ‘BEEEES!!!’ combos in Standard

Remember, four ‘E’s, three exclamation marks

We barely have a dozen revealed cards for Saviors of Uldum, but they’re looking great. With rebooted Quests and new mechanics, it’ll be a deckbuilder’s dream. But sometimes the best combos come from deceptively old-school cards. ‘BEEEES!!!’ is an upcoming 3 mana Druid spell that summons four 1/1 Bees to attack a target. This may just sound like a Shadowbolt with extra steps, but the card opens up a whole range of flexible combos and synergies. Here’s thirty Standard cards that synergise with ‘BEEEES!!!’

(Note, this means cards that have a specific synergy with the unique effect of ‘BEEEES!!!’ to cheaply summon multiple small minions that attack any target, not anything that synergises with beasts, multiple minions or damage to enemy targets)


One powerful synergy is ‘BEEEES!!!’s ability to crack ‘Eggs’: that is, 0 attack minions that benefit a player when they are killed. These can give cards, minions and more, and with ‘BEEEES!!!’ also fills up a board with 1/1s.

This includes:

    • Goblin Bomb (and cards that summon it)
    • Swamp Dragon Egg
    • Scarab Egg
    • Arena Treasure Chest

On a related note, ‘BEEEES!!!’ also synergises with Saronite Taskmaster, allowing one to clear its token while developing a board cheaply.

Summoning buffs and boons

Because Knife Juggler into Muster wasn’t powerful enough

Many cards give advantages when summoning minions. Either they buff them, allowing the Bees to deal more damage or keeping them alive, or grant some other bonus. For Druids in Standard, there are four options. All of these can potentially allow the Bees to double the Bees’ damage from four to eight.

  • Dire Wolf Alpha
  • Knife Juggler
  • Raid Leader
  • Stormwind Champion

Power from death

Then there are the cards that benefit from minions dying. Since ‘BEEEES!!!’ offers an immediate easy trigger of this effect up to four times, it can launch a powerful swing. Of particular power is the Cult Master synergy, which draws an impressive 4 cards for 7 mana and 2 cards; comparable to a post-nerf Nourish that deals damage and leaves a body for 1 more mana.

As well as Cult Master, death synergies can come from

  • Floop’s Glorious Goop
  • Flesheating Ghoul
  • Witch’s Cauldron
  • High Inquisitor Whitemane

Taking damage

No Grim Patron, but the potential is there

The fact that the Bees deal only one damage makes them perfect for activating on-damage effects. Though Druid doesn’t have too many of these effects in standard compared to the likes of Warrior, there are three Neutral options. Unfortunately, these seem less powerful synergies than other options, and may be weak on their own.

  • Acolyte of Pain
  • Gurubashi Beserker
  • Underbelly Ooze

Overkilling it

A 10 mana 80/6 probably won’t ever get to hit face, but when it does, you’ll remember it

Overkill is a great opportunity for ‘BEEEES!!!’. It’s one of the best explored synergies, with hype around Linecracker and Ticket Scalper in particular. However, these synergies may be hard to setup or inferior to the likes of Cult Master in terms of tempo and flexibility. Meanwhile, minion generation Overkill from Oondasta or Ironside Direhorn suffer from board-space issues.

  • Gurubashi Chicken (with a health buff)
  • Half-time Scavenger
  • Ticket Scalper
  • Arena Patron
  • Sightless Ranger
  • Ironhide Direhorn
  • Linecracker
  • Oondasta

Lifestealing the win

Finally, there are numerous Lifesteal synergies. Since each attack triggers Lifesteal seperately, it can add up to a whole load of healing (providing it has more than one health). While this may not seem as overtly powerful as other combinations, it could be game-winning in a sticky spot; especially when almost every Druid deck runs Ziliax or Dreamway Guardians.

  • Dreamway Guardians
  • Vicious Scalehide
  • Pumpkin Peasant
  • Felsoul Inquisitor
  • Rusty Recycler
  • Ziliax

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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