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3 Canadian Esports Stocks Poised to Play Out Well During COVID-19


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Esports is one of the growing segments in the stock market, wherein it’s holding up well despite the COVID-19 situation. Presently in the stock market, three stocks from Canadian esports are performing well during the pandemic.

One of these top-performers, Torque Esports, became partners with Blake Broadcasting to extend its market globally, which includes Europe, Asia, and North America regions.

Canadian Esports Stocks

While esports becomes a developing sector, experts anticipate it to hold up fine despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Few of these esports games include Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends. This sector remains stable as players can contend via remote connection while they stay at home. Moreover, viewers can witness any competition or games as long as there’s the internet. Presently, experts determined Canadian esports stocks, which they think will accomplish well regardless of the market environment of COVID-19. The three stocks include Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, Torque ESports Corp, and New Wave ESports Corp.

Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. operates an online network of video gaming websites, which consists of the biggest video-gaming expo of Canada. The platform has more than 80 gaming sites, along with over 75 million viewers monthly. Moreover, it has over 12 billion advertisements or ad requests every month. The quarter-four income records $10 million for 2019, having a 178%-growth.

Torque Esports Corp. focuses on eSport competition hosting, esports racing, and esports data endowment. Eden Games, the gaming atelier of the company, concentrates on racing games for mobile phones, and the motorsport IP comes with World’s Fastest Gamer. Furthermore, this company provides gamers all, including high-end simulators, to Free to Play games for mobile. The company recorded an increase of 56% on its shares.

New Wave Esports Corporation is a viable-gaming company from Toronto and Los Angeles. It provides advisory services and capital to the realm of esports, organizations, tournament organizers, teams, events, networks, tools, and technology. Despite closing the venture in Talon Esports, the company completed Event Matchup Gaming’s acquisition.

Why are Canada’s Esports successful? Trudeau’s support to E-world

The government of Trudeau has been actively supporting the growth of the online industries as well as the transition of the conventional industries to the online world. In May 2019, Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced Canada’s Digital Charter intending to create a safe online space for Canadians. A great example of industry’s digitalization is the gaming and casino industry. The iGaming is a hit in Canada at the moment. The emergence of the cryptocurrencies and the support and prospects that the cryptocurrencies get in Canada has helped the iGaming and online Casino industries too. The two industries seem to be a perfect match. It is possible to play not only with conventional currencies but many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted by the Canadian casino online platforms. These changes brought the iGaming world to another level. They made the growth of the iGaming industry possible and therefore the contribution of the industry to the economy of the country has grown up to $ 20 Billion recently. Canada’s economy is rapidly growing and one of the reasons that made this possible is the support of the tech companies and digitalization of the conventional industries. The online casinos of Canada are open not only to the Canadian players but for people all over the world. The industry is using technologically very advanced tools such as facial recognition technologies to ensure the safety of the clients and avoid fraud.

Torque eSports Teams with Blake Broadcasting to Extend

Torque Esports Corp. and the esports gaming content of UMG Gaming is about to hit millions of institutions globally with the help of Blake Broadcasting’s programming syndication contract.

Blake Broadcasting leads in combining international reach in satellite, and broadcast innovation. It’s also a leader in OTT or Over-the-Top online, and OTA or Over-the-Air distribution.

The range of live-streamed esports tournaments of UMG will be on Blake networks across the globe, such as in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. This company produced over 1.2 billion page views, along with 25 million views on its videos. Furthermore, it spent over 3 million USD or United States dollars as prize money.

As per the CEO and president of Torque Esports, Darren Cox, the company planned its syndication efforts to the event of EsportsUpfronts in New York. He also said that the immediate interest-shift in the viable gaming content and popular simulator racing was irresistible. Moreover, he shared that the management and Blake Broadcasting discussed the expansion of the partnership to UMG Content and Torque.

The significant drivers to the collaboration of Torque Esports and Blake Broadcasting were the new sim racing happenings like Legends Trophy and Race All-Star Esports Battle, along with the Collegiate Clash events of UMG.

Blake Broadcasting’s CEO, Bob Blake, stated that the live content channel dried up suddenly, especially in sports. He also said that the Race All-Stars Esports Battle and Overwatch Collegiate Clash events toughen their joint effort with Torque.

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