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1v1 Me Bruh!

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Today marked the end of the All Star 1v1 matches, with some of the most intense and exciting play I’ve seen all weekend. It all came down to perhaps the 2 biggest names who just happen to play for the same big name team. After 28 other world class players were eliminated from the tournament, it was:

TSM Cornerstone Mid Bjergsen vs TSM Newcomer ADC Doublelift.

With the promise of all of TSM’s regular season resources and ganks going to the winner, and a challenge from Reginald, the 2 took to the Abyss in the ultimate Best of 3.

Game 1 was a Vayne mirror match. Doublelift has the distinct advantage of actually being an ADC, and that advantage became very clear in the first minute as DL punished Bjerg with efficient trades and total CS control. With only 2 minutes on the clock, DL drops his exhaust on Bjerg, tumbles in, and easily takes the kill. Game 1 to DL

Game 2  brought a Zed mirror. Early in the match shoutcaster Rivington Bisland III mentioned that Bjerg’s advantage would come from his mastery of the use of shadows and the extra damage he could produce because of that. Doublelift started this match looking very strong with good trades and actually managed to get a decent health advantage before accidentally shadow swapping under Bjerg’s tower and taking a shot of aggro. Bjerg instantly dropped exhaust and put out lethal damage. Game 2 goes to Bjerg.

Game 3 the two decided to play a champ that neither was familiar with, and both quickly locked in Vel’Koz. The match started with some missed Q’s and a little bit of noodle fighting. Bjerg landed a couple skill shots and droped decent damage on DL. Bjerg went all in and managed to get DL down to sub-100 health after dropping his ignite with a minion blocking the lethal damage. Not a minute later, DL looked to be waiting for a health shrine spawn when Bjerg drop

ped his entire kit and melted Doublelift for the win.

I speak for most LoL players when I say the Bjerg win was pretty imminent when they locked a Mid champ for Game 3. Doublelift has great dodge mechanics, and I would argue is better at CSing then Bjerg, but he clearly just doesn’t have a burst damage mentality, and just got wiped out by Bjerg.

So for today, Bjerg will remain the face of TSM’s new super powered squad, and I have a feeling NA is going to struggle to challenge this team in the coming splits.

You can watch the VODS here!





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