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Twitch VODs: How To Save Past Streams On Twitch

Twitch VODs are a great way for your viewers on different time zones to catch up with your past live streams. However the length of time before your VODs are deleted is dependent on your status as a streamer. Twitch partners and affiliates VODs will be deleted after 60 days, whereas a regular user will have their videos deleted after 14 days.

One of the main reasons you would want to know how to save your past streams on Twitch would be to create highlight footage for other platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. You may also just want to upload full vods to YouTube so that you can have a complete archive of your past streams.

Downloading Your Vods

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure you have VOD storage enabled. To do this you will need to go to your creator dashboard and expand your settings tab on the left and click stream. You should then see the “Stream Key and Preferences” section, within that is a toggle named “Store Past Broadcasts” which should be enabled.

VODs can be managed from the video producer. To get there go to “Creator Dashboard” then select “Video Producer”. You should now see a list of all your currently saved VODs. Each one will have a menu selection displayed next to it, and three vertical dots.

Clicking on this will display all of the options available for that VOD. One of the options will be “Download”, click this to start downloading your selected VOD. Depending on the size of the VOD it may take some time before the download actually starts.

Downloading Other Streamers VODs

It’s not possible to download other streamers VODs directly through Twitch, so a different method is needed to do this. Twitch Leecher is one such option for downloading other streamers VODs. You will need to go to the official Twitch Leecher github page. Under the assets dropdown, you will see a file with a .exe ending. Select this to start your download.

Once you have installed, open the program. Find the twitch channel who’s VOD you would like to download and select their videos, now copy the link address of the specific VOD you require. Open Twitch Leecher, and select search, from here now select the “Urls” tab and paste your link into the text box. Hit search and once your target video appears, press the download button. You will then be given the option to select your preferred resolution.


There are many reasons why you might want to know how to download your past streams on Twitch, especially if you are expanding your options as a streamer. You have the best twitch overlays, the best streamer hardware, and now you are trying to grow your audience on other social media platforms. Downloading VODs allow you to create concise videos of all your best streamer moments.

Even if you aren’t a streamer yourself there might be a few reasons why you would want to download a VOD. If you create highlight videos of Twitch streams, or maybe even create content for a specific streamer, knowing how to download any streamers VOD is very useful.

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