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Practice Test Is Your Best Preparation Option for Cisco CCIE Exam

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Those professionals who want to get ahead in their career must be on the lookout for opportunities to develop their skills and validate their competence. One of the best ways to prove one’s knowledge is to earn a certification. There are various credentials that individuals can explore in the world of Information Technology. However, before deciding on your path, it is recommended that you determine your career goals. With this, it will be easy to choose a specific certification route and follow it.

The Cisco certificates are one of the most sought-after credentials that the specialists can pursue in the IT field. When it comes to the certification program of this vendor, there are various levels and paths that you can explore. If you are just starting out in the industry, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)is one of the top certificates that you should consider. It is a significant first step to earn the Associate level as you progress in your career. To obtain 300-410 ENARSI, you have to pass the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1(CCIE ICND1) exam. In this article, we will look at the basics of this test and the preparation ways to pass it at your first attempt.

Overview of Cisco CCIE certification exam

Cisco CCIE is designed to evaluate the candidates’ skills and knowledge of network fundamentals, infrastructure services, infrastructure maintenance, LAN switching technologies, and routing technologies. It is one of the prerequisites for earning a Cisco certificate of the Associate level. There are no official requirements for taking CCIEICND1 and you can have no experience at all. Some students have at least 6 months to one year of hands-on experience working with Cisco networking devices, and it gives them a great boost.

Cisco CCIE is a computer-based exam consisting of 45-55 questions. The candidates are allowed 90 minutes to complete it. It is available in English and Japanese. It is important to mention that the fee may vary from one region to another due to the difference in currencies. Therefore, it is recommended that you go through the certification page to learn more about the test and check for the fee that is applicable to your region on the Pearson VUE website. After obtaining your CCENT credential, it remains active for a period of three years. It is important to renew it before the expiration. You can do it by earning a more advanced level.

Highlights of Cisco CCIE certification exams topics

To boost your chances in the certification exam, it is critical that you understand the objectives before attempting it. The topics highlight the skills that will be measured during the delivery of your test. According to Cisco, the subjects that you can encounter in CCIEINCD1 are the following:

  • Network Fundamentals: 20%;
  • LAN Switching Fundamentals: 26%;
  • Routing Fundamentals: 25%;
  • Infrastructure Maintenance: 14%;
  • Infrastructure Services: 15%.

It is essential to mention that the scope highlighted above needs to be treated as a general guideline for the exam content. There may be other topics that might be included in the delivery of the test that has not been covered above. Therefore, try to study extensively and cover different aspects of the objectives. In addition to this, there are other subtopics that are associated with the ones above that you have to study in preparation for your Cisco test.

Preparation tips & tricks for Cisco CCIE certification exam

In this section, we will look at some simple but critical tips that will ensure your success in this Cisco exam.

Go through a studyguide

Before you start searching for updated resources, the first thing is to go through the official guide. You can download this from the exam page. It will help you understand the different areas that you need to study as well as the volume of work that is required before you take it. Ensure you understand the exam topics and subtopics before you choose your study materials.

Create a study plan

With the understanding of the exam content, the next thing is to determine how you want to study. Break the topics into manageable sizes and plan your learning time around them. Allot your time to cover the objectives depending on your daily schedule and your study pattern. It is better to plan it over a few hours on a daily basis than to take 15 hours of your Sunday for study. You don’t get to spend so much on your study. You will not do yourself a favor by bulking everything.

Choose your resources

You have to be deliberate about the resources you use for your study. The good news is that there are reputable platforms online that you can use for your preparation. For example, PrepAway is a great place to get everything you need for success in your Cisco CCIE certification test. You can find a wide range of study materials that will equip you with the required skills and competence.

Take practice tests

Take time to work through mock tests as you prepare for your exam. You can find full-length practice questions for Cisco CCIE on the PrepAway website. This platform offers you the opportunity to take them in a simulated environment. It will prepare you for the real exam setting and help you manage your time effectively. Ensure you take practice questions as many times as you can until you achieve a brilliant result. With their help, you can easily duplicate the same success in your actual test.


Using all the study materials that you can get for your preparation, you will significantly increase your chances of success. It is impossible to pass Cisco CCIE without any experience or thorough preparation. That is why we recommend that you follow this certification guide and achieve high results.

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