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What Is Midas Mode?

What Is Midas Mode?

So, you’ve heard about the strange new Midas Mode tournament coming later this year and you’re probably wondering just what is Midas Mode? Well, wonder no longer.

We’ve got all the information you’ll ever need right here. This includes the rules of the event, the teams competing and all the little quirks that make Midas Mode special. So, strap on that golden gauntlet and rush down the mid lane – it’s Midas Mode time.

What Is Midas Mode?

Midas Mode is a game mode created by especially for Dota 2 in 2017. The mode revolves around the accruing and utilization of a special currency known as Moon Bucks. Teams compete in regular Dota 2 games, albeit with the strange and unique twist offered by their personal stash of Moon Bucks.

In this year’s Midas Mode (Midas Mode 2), the prize money for the tournament is $150,000 US. This is no small amount for what some might consider to be a joke tournament. It will also take place in front of a live audience and feature casting and analysis from talent like Owen “ODPixel” Davies and Kevin “Purge” Godec.

Moon Bucks: Spending

At the start of the tournament, each team is given a stash of Moon Bucks. Bucks are initially spent at the drafting phase. Both picking and banning heroes will cost Moon Bucks depending on how well that hero has been performing in the tournament so far. Off-meta heroes cost less to pick and ban while heroes heavily featured in the meta, or with a strong winning streak, will cost more.

What Is Midas Mode?
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During the game, teams can spend Moon Bucks on a variety of different and exciting things. Teams can spend them to allow a VIP attending the event to possess Roshan in VR mode at any time. (Yep, you read that right). This allows the fan to control Roshan using a VR headset and fight back against the heroes.

In addition, the cap on Roshan’s attack speed has been completely removed. This gives the potential for the VIP fan to go Super Saiyan and wipe out the attacking team in a blizzard of blows. Teams can also spend extra money to buy SUPER Roshan. This upgrade grants Roshan “overwhelming power”, turning a normal Roshan kill into more of a raid boss encounter.

Finally, teams can spend Moon Bucks to grant random VIP attendees control of an entire wave of their creeps. The creeps have the option to follow the orders given by the team who bought them. However, they also have the option not to… This will almost certainly result in some hilarious and unpredictable gameplay.

If a team runs out of Moon Bucks then their drafting phase will be completely randomized. This can lead to some incredibly exciting games – especially in a tournament where real money is on the line.

Moon Bucks: Earning

Teams can earn Moon Bucks by winning and losing games, although obviously the winning team earns a substantially larger share. That goes without saying. However, there are some truly hilarious ways to earn Moon Bucks by completing the in-game ‘daily bounty’ challenges.

Each day will feature a series of unique challenges created by the Dota community. Teams can complete these challenges during matches to earn the Moon Buck reward associated with said challenge. Previous challenges have included some truly fantastic ideas.

Challenges such as ‘Spell “EZ” in your opponent’s fountain with Iron Branches’, or ‘Play a match with your mouse inverted’ are pure gold. One of our personal favorites is ‘Choose a player to act as the courier during the first 5 minutes of the game’. Seeing professional Dota teams attempt these challenges is going to be simply fantastic.

Who Is Competing?

Speaking of professional Dota teams, who is competing Midas Mode 2? Well, if you thought the mode itself was a treat, just wait until you hear who is taking part.

12 teams from around the world are playing in this unique tournament. Pros like Vici Gaming and Fnatic are there, as well as TI winners OG.

The real excitement, however, is centered around two of the other teams. The TI3 winning Alliance roster is reforming for this tournament only. Jonathan “Loda” Berg will be leading his team out onto the main stage at Midas Mode 2, hoping to recapture the glory of TI3.

Now, are you ready for the big one? We got seriously excited when we found this out.

None other than the original TI1 champions will be playing in this tournament. The TI1 winning Na’Vi draft will be attending Midas Mode 2. This means Clement “Puppey” Ivanov and the legend that is Danil “Dendi” Ishutin will be playing on the same team once again.

Did someone say Fountain Hook??

Greed Is Good

Man, you should be absolutely pumped for this one-of-a-kind tournament. If you were wondering just what is Midas Mode before then you’re wondering no longer. Now you are free to get excited with us and look forward to the tournament.

Midas Mode 2 will run from October 24 to September 2. Tickets are still available to attend the event in person. Perhaps you could be the lucky VIP responsible for crushing those pit invaders as Roshan?

Are you as excited for Midas Mode 2 as we are? Have you got any ideas for community challenges you’d like to see the teams try out? Let us know in the comments below.


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