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Universe leaves EG and Sumail sounds off

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On Wednesday, Evil Geniuses announced that Universe would be leaving the team, along with a few other roster moves. Including a new captain in Misery coming over from Optic Gaming. While also moving Fear to the midlane and Sumail to the offlane. Removing SVG as their coach and replacing him with Bulba. Evil Geniuses has been one of the most stable teams of the past couple years. Especially when it came to roster moves. This change marks a new beginning for those who “bleed blue.”

What’s next for Universe?

Arguably the best offlaner in the game is now on the market. What does this mean for the new Pro Dota Circuit? This won’t affect Evil Geniuses who hold firm with 750 Qualifying Points. Putting them in 5th place as of right now. Only the top three players on each team are able to apply their Qualifying Points to their total. As the rest of Evil Geniuses has 250 Qualifying Points (aside from Misery), their total does not change.

Though this provides an interesting opportunity for teams who may currently be outside of the top 8. Universe comes with 250 Qualifying Points and could provide a nice boost to a team looking to make up some ground in the Pro Circuit. Aside from being an amazing player. Universe has had success everywhere he goes. Whether it was with Team Secret or winning TI5 with Evil Geniuses. This is easily the most interesting player to hit the market since Resolution went to OG after this year’s International.

Peter has some advice for his old team

When the news broke that Evil Geniuses and Universe were parting ways, the community needed time to process it. But not former Evil Geniuses CEO, Peter, who quickly had some words of wisdom for his old organization. Specifically saying that they should have kicked either Arteezy or Sumail, which Sumail did not let slide.

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The next day Sumail went on BeyondTheSummit’s “HotCox” podcast to shed a little light on the exchange. “I meant what I said,” was one of his early sound bites from the interview. He went on to discuss his relationship with PPD during his time at EG. Mentioning a time where they wanted Bulba as a coach after the Frankfurt Major, but Peter blocked it. Sumail was also very self-critical and took note of some of his own faults when it came to his practice ethic earlier in his career. As well as mentioning that Peter was a great Captain for them during their TI run. That he was “the best Captain in the history of DotA” over that span. Praising Peter’s ability to synergize their team with ease, with players like Sumail and Aui2000 who require a lot of farm to be successful. Sumail talked about how easily Peter was able to direct their team.

What upset him was being on the receiving end of a lot of Peter’s criticisms. Even mentioning a time where he offered to be the one to leave Evil Geniuses prior to Peter leaving the organization:

“This is how it went down. I decided I would have to leave. I wasn’t suggesting that I should be the one the team should be made around. I offered to leave… But others decided to build around me. If I were that bad of a player, if I had like no respect for the game. Every other player on the team had played for longer than me. They would’ve decided to build around them, but it didn’t work out that way. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you’re wrong…”

– Sumail on “HotCox”

NA DotA fans, make sure to mark the next Optic vs EG match on your calendar. It should be a fun one.

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