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New Dota 2 Hero Announced: Void Spirit Arrives

New Dota 2 Hero Announced: Void Spirit Arrives

With all the attention focused on Snapfire’s awesome reveal trailer, the announcement of Void Spirit, another new hero slipped by almost unnoticed. However, Valve is indeed launching yet another new hero into the game this fall.

Just as with Snapfire, not much is known about Void Spirit just yet, but here’s what is.

What Is Known About Void Spirit

In his reveal trailer, Void Spirit hints at family already battling on the mortal plane. He makes reference to his brothers and, with a name like Void Spirit, it might be easy to know who he’s talking about.

Already in Dota 2, there exists a number of Spirit heroes, battling out for dominance. They are, of course, Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit. In the latter part of his trailer, his symbol appears alongside three other similar symbols. These represent the other elemental forces already at work in the Dota 2 world, Storm, Earth and Ember.

Judging from the reveal trailer alone, in which Void Spirit walks slowly through the Void, he seems to have some form of portal or teleportation power. This would make him unique among the heroes currently in Dota 2. No other hero can use portals to move around the map.

Several heroes already have the power of short-distance teleportation, such as Anti-Mage and Queen of Pain. However, none have the power to use or open portals (with the possible exception of Underlord).

He also wields what appears to be a dual-bladed naginata, a variant of the ancient Japanese polearm. This suggests some degree of competency in hand-to-hand combat, likely indicating that Void Spirit will be a melee hero. One might assume agility-based, but his ability to cast spells and affinity with the void could make him an intelligence hero?

Of course, at this stage this is speculation. However, with something as vague yet exciting as a reveal trailer, speculating is half the fun, right?

When Will Void Spirit Reveal Himself?

Void Spirit and Snapfire will both launch as part of Dota 2’s Outlanders update. While there is not an exact day yet, it will be sometime in the fall of this year. This means one can expect it sometime between September and early December.

New Dota 2 Hero Announced: Void Spirit Arrives
Image courtesy of Valve

The launch seems to take a similar approach to the last time Valve released two heroes at the same time. This was, of course, when they released Pangolier and Dark Willow together for the Duelling Fates update.

The Outlanders update will also coincide with an identically named one which will drop for Dota Underlords.  It’s pretty safe to assume that this update will add both Snapfire and Void Spirit into the standalone Dota 2 chess game.

It feels like forever since Mars was launched, so the arrival of these new heroes is timely indeed.

The Void Opens

Void Spirit will be joining in the next couple of months, and not a moment too soon. Based on their reveal trailers, their playstyle seems to be very different. Void Spirit with all the fluid grace of a martial artist, which Snapfire embodies all the hectic craziness that people love about Dota 2.

Which hero are you most excited about? Will you be playing as Void Spirit or Snapfire first? Or will you be ignoring them both and focusing on your own list of favorites? Let us know in the comments below.


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