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New Dota 2 Hero Announced: Snapfire is Here


With The International heating up and the prediction brackets in disarray, Valve has eased our pain by dropping news of a new hero right into our laps, Snapfire.

That’s right, boys and girls, the badass, cookie-loving Grandma is here.

What We Know About Snapfire

Valve made the announcement today before the Dota 2 Allstar match. Not much is known about the hero at this stage. However, we do know a few details, including than her character model and release date.

Image courtesy of Valve

Snapfire seems to be a sweet old grandmother figure riding on a wingless dragon – hence the name Snapfire. One of her abilities seems to be handing out cookies to allies to buff them in some way.

But don’t let her sweet appearance fool you. Her dragon mount comes equipped with twin Gatling cannons and she herself carries a double-barrelled shotgun. In addition, her dragon mount packs a fiery punch itself.

Valve has released a cinematic to accompany the new hero announcement. The cinematic showcases some of her fighting (and baking) prowess and sees her accosted by other heroes. In particular, Batrider and Timbersaw show up. Timbersaw refers to Snapfire as his auntie, suggesting a family bond there. There is certainly a resemblance between the two goblin-esque heroes.

Snapfire is Here? But When?

While Valve has been characteristically unspecific, they have given us a broad time window. According to their announcement trailer, Snapfire arrives in Fall of 2019.

Image courtesy of Valve

This means we potentially don’t have long to wait at all. Here’s hoping the buzz of The International will have barely died down before we get our hands on this a**-kicking grandma.

The western-themed announcement trailer was a nice touch. It’s always good to play characters with a bit of personality while playing Dota 2. Dark Willow has similar levels of sass, so if Snapfire is the same then we can’t wait to get our hands on her later this year.

Cookies All ‘Round

Introducing a new hero into the game of Dota 2 is always exciting. Now that Snapfire is here, let’s hope she isn’t quite as overpowered as some of the other previous launch heroes have been. I’m looking at you, Monkey King.

Are you excited about Snapfire? What do you think her abilities will entail? Get fired up with other fans in the comments below.


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Featured image courtesy of Valve.

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