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Last Chance for Dota 2 Battle Pass Rewards

Last Chance for Battle Pass Rewards

It’s always a sad day when the excitement and magic of The International fades away. The biggest tournament in Dota 2 has finally come to a close and it’s now the last chance for Battle Pass rewards.

But when does the 2019 Battle Pass end and what can still be unlocked? Well, jump in the queue now, and while waiting take a peek below to see what treasures can still be had.

When Does the Battle Pass End?

We’ve had this Battle Pass for about four months now. When it was first released it was easy to think you had enough time to collect everything. ‘Surely, I can complete a match as every hero in the jungle and breeze though all of these achievements,’ you thought in your hubris.

Last Chance for Battle Pass Rewards
Image courtesy of Valve

Well, if you’re like us then your Jungle challenge is looking woefully incomplete. And it’s been so long since you unlocked an achievement that you’ve forgotten how to navigate to its menu.

Unfortunately, your time to make progress in the 2019 Battle Pass is coming to an end, as is your time to unlock its sweet rewards. The window to purchase levels has already passed. If you’re one of those cheaters who spent real money to advance their Battle Pass, time is up for you.

The 2019 Battle Pass closes completely on 9/9/2019. That gives you just over a week to cram in as many games and challenges as possible. You’d better get queuing.

Is This Really My Last Chance for Battle Pass Rewards?

In short, yes.

To protract that answer slightly, yes, unless you don’t mind paying the extra money and waiting for some time. Certain items, like those from the Immortal Treasures, have what Valve classify as “Limited Marketability”. This means they are not tradeable or marketable for one year after the end of the tournament.

Last Chance for Battle Pass Rewards
Image courtesy of Valve

You will still be able to get your hands on the unique treasure items, but you’ll need to wait. Specifically, you’ll need to wait one year, then spend even more money to buy them from other players. As if buying the Battle Pass wasn’t bad enough.

However, there are some cache items can never be traded. The text associated with these items reads ‘NOT TRADEABLE OR MARKETABLE’, all in caps. That seems fairly definitive to us. Additionally, they come with the following subtext.

‘Cache items are only available for 30 days after initial release, and then will never be available afterward’.

This is also in caps, but we’ve decided to save your eyes and switch caps lock off for this section. Items like the incredible looking Endless Night set for Abbadon fall under this category.

The bottom line here is, get farming while you still can. Your window for Battle Pass rewards is closing fast.

Time to Grind

It might be your last chance for Battle Pass rewards for 2019, but there will always be more. Valve is great at releasing cosmetic items and sets on a regular basis. Additionally, with a devoted and active fanbase, new sets are being created all the time.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your 2019 Battle Pass then time is running out for you. So, squeeze in those last few games quickly then hold on tight for the Ogre Magi Arcana. It should be coming our way in the next few months.

Do you have the highest Battle Pass level out of all of our fans? Can you beat our measly level 72? Let us know in the comments, and share your favourite reward from the 2019 Battle Pass.


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