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Team Fnatic’s New Roster: The return of a giant?

Fnatic's New Roster Announcement

On Feb. 6, 2017, it was announced that long term captain of Fnatic, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung, would be leaving the team. That left Chong “Ohaiyo” Xin Khoo and Kim “Febby” Young-Min looking for three.

Fnatic made the decision to step back and understand what the team needed and work on potential new fits. After missing out on the recent Dota 2 Asia Championships and the Kiev Major, Fnatic has finally decided to make a return to the scene.

On April 4, a new era for Fnatic was announced. Let’s take a look at Fnatic’s new roster and what fans can expect moving forward.

Fnatic’s New Roster – The Players

Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen – Position 1 (Carry)

Meracle Fnatic's New Roster Announcement
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The first new player to join the Fnatic side is Meracle. The Singaporean Carry player is the least experienced on the team in terms of international competition. However, he has always been a standout player on his former teams and he was often the focus of respect bans by opposition.

The lack of experience on the international stage may be an issue for Meracle, especially as he will be carrying the weight of the SEA fans on his shoulders. If he can put these nerves to the side, Meracle has the ability to make a real statement in the international scene with the right team. It seems as if he now has that and things look bright for Meracle and Fnatic.

Kim QO Seon-yeop – Position 2 (Mid)

Qo Fnatic's New Roster Announcement
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The second new addition to the new Fnatic roster is Qo. Reuniting with former MVP Phoenix teammate Febby, Qo looks set to be a welcome addition to the side. Teaming with Febby once more should allow Qo to settle into the team quickly. Meaning that they can move forward and look at qualifying for both the Manila Masters and TI7.

Qo is known for his aggressive play as mid. Rising to fame as part of the MVP Phoenix team that burst onto the international scene after a strong top eight finish at TI5, Qo will have a chance to add a new chapter to his legacy. This will be the biggest organization that Qo has played for and it shall be interesting to see how he copes with the pressure of the SEA region on his shoulders.

Chong “Ohaiyo” Xin Khoo – Position 3 (Offlane)

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Ohaiyo joined Fnatic in June 2015. He joined the team at the same time as longtime friend Mushi. This will be Ohaiyo’s first time playing without Mushi in over two years. This will be a chance for Ohaiyo to step up and be the leader in the absence of Mushi.

Ohaiyo was part of the Fnatic roster that finished top six at back to back majors in 2016 as well as finishing fourth at TI6.

Ohaiyo has a real chance to mold the new Fnatic roster into a team that can challenge internationally as well as domestically.

Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti – Position 4 (Support)

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The third and final new addition to the Fnatic roster is a familiar face, as DJ returns to the side. Beloved by many, the return of DJ rounds out a very strong Fnatic side. DJ is known for his flashy plays with heroes such as Enigma. He can be the spark that reignites the Fnatic brand and brings them back up to the top of international competition.

The main concern is how he will interact with Febby. Both are normally position four players and the interaction will be interesting. One will have to take a back seat and do what needs to be done for the team. Based on the announcement, it seems as if DJ will take back the position four role, much to the excitement of fans.

Kim “Febby” Young-Min – Position 5 (Support)

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Febby recently joined Fnatic in January 2017. He was picked up to help mend the broken Fnatic roster following the Boston Major. This obviously did not work out, but Febby made the decision to stick with the Fnatic roster moving forward.

Febby was a standout player for the MVP Pheonix roster that finished in the top 6 at TI6, The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major. Known for his flashy plays, Febby has the potential to be a standout player with the right team around him.




Fnatic’s New Roster – Thoughts

The new squad looks strong. Some of the players have experience playing together in the past: Ohaiyo and DJ, as well as Febby and Qo. This will give the team an advantage as they should be able to find chemistry pretty quickly. Meracle, however, may struggle as he is on a larger team than any he has previously played for. As a carry, the pressure will be placed on Meracle, how he will cope with this only time will tell.

The interaction between DJ and Febby shall be one to watch as this will be the first time they have played together. Both players are known for their impressive position four play and it should be interesting how they will split the duties. They may decide to rotate the positions depending on the hero. Both have the ability to make superstar plays and if they can get on the same page they have the ability to become a formidable duo.

Overall Fnatic has the depth of talent to be one of the strongest teams in SEA. Should they reach their potential, there is no reason that they cannot challenge on an international scale. First thing on the horizon for Fnatic will be securing a spot at the Manila Masters in May. Whatever happens, fans should be excited about this new team and the promise that they have. It looks as if the pain of Fnatic’s past can be wiped away be this promising new roster.

How do you think the new Fnatic team will perform moving forward? Let us know in the comments below.

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