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Dota2: The New and Improved Chen

The New and Improved Chen

Chen has never been a popular hero in pub games. Over the last year he has posted one of the worst average win percentages ever. In Divine games Chen had a 33% winrate Thankfully this hero was reworked in patch 7.22 and has had one of the biggest winrate increases in history. 19.4% to be exact, raising to total of 52.8%.

The New and Improved Chen

Divine Favor

Divine Favor is what makes Chen so good right now. Granting friendly heroes and controlled units with 4/8/12/16 bonus damage as well as 4 HP regeneration and 20% Heal Amplification. This sheer amount of value from this one spell as an Aura is remarkable.

Heal Amplification is a mechanic not really common in Dota 2. Nonetheless, it can be incredible with the right heroes and even item builds.

The New and Improved Chen
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One very notable item on Chen is Holy Locket. This item has seen very little play and is still very unpopular but extra Heal Amplification is crazy. It’s not expected that many people would build this item normally. However getting amplification of Hand of God and his passive healing is incredibly high value

Holy Persuasion

Being the Hero’s signature skill for years, Holy Persuasion is the reason many pick (or do not pick) Chen. Holy Persuasion was relatively unchanged in theory. However, the creeps which you control are now much stronger than before. Now gaining twice the effects from Divine Favor and a bonus of up to 25 movement speed.This is significant because allowing a persuaded Centaur Conqueror or Dark Troll Summoner get into position to initiate more effectively.

Best Heroes with Chen

Chen’s ability Divine Favor and natural early game push strategy can lead to some brutal combinations that can net you easy +25 MMR with your friends.


If Chen is not already a high enough skill cap for you. One of his best partners is Meepo. While being arguably the most advanced hero, his synergy with Chen is immense.

The New and Improved Chen
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First of all, Meepo’s sheer number of units is already high value with Chen. You can take all of the buffs that Chen gives and multiply them by four. Meepo’s passive DPS with level 25 but no items is approximately 480. With a Chen nearby sharing his passive Divine Favor, Meepo has around 595. Furthermore by simply casting Penitence on Meepo’s target his DPS jumps easily over 1000. (This is even without any items)

Secondly, Meepo’s largest struggle is potentially dying quickly in fights. Luckily Chen has a global heal for around 700 health with the Heal Amplification. This Ultimate Hand of God hits all of the Meepos globally which could turn the tide in many fights.

In addition, both heroes naturally want to push down towers as early as possible therefore synergizing well in game execution.

Death Prophet

While there are only 15 people in the world play Meepo, there are many other heroes that are very beneficial with Chen.

The New and Improved Chen
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Death Prophet’s strengths from from surviving in fights and dishing out massive damage with her ultimate Exorcism over time.

Thanks to the ability Spirit Siphon, Death Prophet has a natural way to endure damage in fights by siphoning health from her enemies. Chen benefits Death Prophet by amplifying the amount she heals from her Siphons as well as backing her up with Hand of God’s heal to ensure she gets to deal her damage.


Last but definitely not least is Lycan. The King of Tower pushing himself is amplified tenfold by a Chen’s aura. It’s very plausible to end a game in 20 minutes with a Chen and Lycan.

With strength of Howl benefiting his creeps as well as Chen’s Divine Favor, towers will want to run and hide because the amount of bonus damage per unit is “Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb” worthy.


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