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Dota Plus Season 4 Now Live

Dota Plus Season 4

If you’re finding yourself missing some of those great features that came with TI’s Battle Pass then worry not. The Dota Plus Season 4 features are now live and they come with a whole host of what made the Battle Pass great.

So, buy your Plus subscription and follow us into the world of reward-driven Dota. This will fill you in on everything that the Dota Plus Season 4 Autumn Update has to offer.

Battle Pass Features

One of the craziest things Valve introduced in the Battle Pass was the ability to avoid players. This was met with some pretty interesting reactions from the community. Well, it seems the feature was positive enough to survive into Dota Plus Season 4.

Dota Plus Season 4
Image courtesy of Valve

Dota Plus subscribers will now also have the option to avoid players who have given them a negative experience. To be honest, this is long overdue. Especially if you’re playing at a less-than-optimal behavior score.

Dota Plus subscribers will now also get that really handy in-game feature that lets you know exactly when to pull and stack neutral camps. This is great if you’re not familiar with the timings. Personal anecdote: I was playing with a friend at mid/high Crusader level the other day who didn’t know camp stacking was a thing. Yes, those people still exist.

Thankfully, no sign yet that Valve is planning to follow through on their threat to make you pay for ranked games. We’ll keep our ears to the ground though and let you know the moment that changes.

New Dota Plus Season 4 Quests

This one was long overdue. If you’ve long-since completed the quests from previous versions of Dota Plus then you’d be delighted by this news.

Dota Plus Season 4
Image courtesy of Valve

Dota Plus Season 4 comes with a slew of new quests, worth a total of 108,900 Dota Plus shards. It essentially seems as though the old quests have been reset (with a couple of new additions).

Anything that helps to earn those shards more quickly is great in our books.

Dota Plus Season 4 Hero Skins

The Dota Plus Season 4 update also comes with some cool new ways to spend your shards. Three new hero item sets have dropped with the Autumn Update. These are colorful new sets for Lion, Slardar and Crystal Maiden.

Dota Plus Season 4
Image courtesy of Valve

This gives you something to save towards if you’ve already bought out most of the reward shop. Although it does look like Crystal Maiden is cosplaying as Slardar in this new set, doesn’t it?

The skins are available immediately in the rewards shop. They are retailing at 75,00 shards for the Slardar and Crystal Maiden skins and a whopping 90,000 for the Lion skin. What makes you so special, Lion? Huh?

His skin is pretty cool though. It has a neat Egyptian Pharaoh vibe that is easy to get behind. People are still going to rush Aghanim’s Scepter on him though. So, it really doesn’t matter how he looks when he gets played as a core in most of the games you end up in.

Rewards Aplenty

It is exciting that new rewards and ways to earn shards have finally arrived with the launch of Dota Plus Season 4. It was getting harder to justify a monthly membership to Dota Plus, so the Autumn Update has come just in time. Now if only we could win some ranked games… when is the update that guarantees that?

As always, you can find the full release notes for the new update on Valves website.

Which of the new skins is your favorite? Is there a hero you’d like to see get a new skin in the next update? Let us know in the comments.


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