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Dota 2 Patch 7.22h Highlights

Patch 7.22h Highlights

Well, bless my soul, if it isn’t another Dota 2 patch. This time we’re looking over the 7.22h highlights. Just in case you’re not great with numbers, this is the *counts on fingers* eighth patch iteration in the 7.22 family.

We’ve actually looked back over the old releases from Valve and the highest they’ve gone since the 7.0 launch was ‘e’. Can you beat that, League of Legends?!

Anyway, inter-esports animosity aside, let’s take a look at the 7.22h highlights and see what’s changed this time.

Item and General Changes

The patch changes in 7.22g hit us with a slew of item changes. These mostly included a reduction in armor across the board for a number of key items.

Patch 7.22h Highlights
Image courtesy of Valve and The Secret Shop group

Keeping with that theme, Valve has, again, scaled back the armor on several items. In some cases, the same items from 7.22g. This means items like Phase Boots get back-to-back nerfs, going first from 6 to 5 armor, and now 5 to 4.

Another item to receive back-to-back nerfs is Solar Crest. The reduction this time is from 10 armor down to 8. This includes the bonus armor conferred to allies with the Solar Crest active ability.

In addition to the item changes, Valve continues its ongoing mission to make Jungling a thing of the past. After the 5% reduction in neutral creep bounty from 7.22g, we now see a 5% reduction in neutral creep experience.

Kunkka Nerf

Kunkka has long been a terror of the mid lane. With a few decent items, he translates exceptionally well into the mid-game. This is largely thanks to Tidebringer, but not to be discounted is his X Marks the Spot ability. With its former 8-second cooldown it was often the case that Kunkka could cast it multiple times in one fight.

This nerf increases the cooldown at all levels. Perhaps this minor amendment in the patch 7.22h highlights will give heroes a chance to outrun the admiral now? Although we doubt it.

Night Stalker Nerf

We had a bit of fun with the Night Stalker update in the patch 7.22g highlight article. Well, it looks like we may have laughed too soon. The 7.22h highlights are here and Night Stalker feels the wrath of the nerf stick once again.

Night Stalker’s passive, Hunter in the Night sees a decrease in the attack speed provided at all levels. In addition, the effect of Crippling Fear has its duration reduced by one second at every level. Finally, his level 20 and 25 talents have been scaled back, including a reduction in the bonus damage provided at level 20.

Just when we thought the buff to his Void damage would take Night Stalker to the next level too… Poor lad.

Tiny Nerf

In our educated opinion, Tiny is one of the most fun heroes in Dota 2. He has a unique reposition mechanic in Toss and his Tree Grab is really evocative of the Ancient Treants in Warcraft 3, from which the ability shares its mechanics.

Patch 7.22h Highlights
Image courtesy of Pinterest user Pocket Full of Grace

With that in mind, we’re always sad when Tiny receives nerfs, and this patch 7.22h highlight is no exception. While the nerfs, in this case, don’t impact the max level abilities, Avalanche and Toss are both affected.

Avalanche takes a damage reduction at the first 3 levels and Toss’ cooldown now starts at 17 seconds at level one and drops progressively to 11 seconds at level four. Previously Tiny was able to Toss every 11 seconds at all levels, so this will hurt players who want to use it multiple times in a single team fight at early levels.

It doesn’t matter though. It’s still not enough to make us stop playing the adorable little rock beastie.

Final Thoughts: Patch 7.22h Highlights

This was a comparatively small patch by previous 7.22 standards, making the patch 7.22h highlights equally brief. There were a few other changes to heroes like Mirana and Windranger, but nothing game-changing. As always, if you’d like to see the full patch notes you can view them on Valve’s website.

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