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Dota 2: Major Changes in Patch 7.22

Dota 2: Major Changes in 7.22

With Aghanim’s Scepters being the focal point of this patch, many significant heroes changes have slid under the radar. Let us look at some of the Major Changes of patch 7.22 that do not involve Aghanim’s Scepter.

Spirit Breaker

Dota 2: Major Changes in 7.22

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Spirit Breaker has been underwhelming over the past several months maintaining a ~49% win rate. Luckily, he received a buff to all of his spells as well as a passive health regeneration increase – simply a cherry on top of remarkable increases.

Each respective change seems minimal, however the collective amount of value added is impressive.

In the upcoming weeks you should not be surprised to see an increase in Spirit Breaker players and with an increasing win rate.


Everyone’s least favorite carry hero to play against has been irrelevant for quite some time now. Unfortunately, he has received some vital buffs and almost a 5% win rate increase.

Dota 2: Major Changes in 7.22
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An extra 20 base attack speed may not seem like much. But with the ability Essence Shift just 20 attack speed can snowball his total stats to outrageous numbers.


Dota 2: Major Changes in 7.22
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Unlike the previous examples, Doom received a massive nerf. In the previous patch, Doom was a laning monster that had absurd regeneration and utility from Devouring a large creep. Now Doom is unable to Devour a creep like a Satyr Tormentor until level 7 at the earliest.

Using Devour on a Satyr before allowed Doom to have 5 HP Regen per second and a 160 damage nuke all for free at the start of the game.

With this strength gone, Doom players are forced to either forgo levels in valuable fighting spells like Scorched Earth just to advance their farm. Or vice versa, sacrificing their farm to try and fight earlier.


Last but definitely not least is Chen. Having a 37% win rate in Divine+ games Chen was a laughing stock of a hero for the last patch.

Thanks to new changes to his spell Holy Persuasion and Divine Favor Chen’s potential to push down towers early was multiplied exponentially.

Dota 2: Major Changes in 7.22
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Divine Favor is now an absurd Aura that give your entire team mass bonus damage, HP Regen and Heal Amplification. Chen’s win rate in divine games has got up more than 13%! On top of that, the creeps which you control through Holy Persuasion now have double the bonuses.

There is record Chen even being played Mid in the Immortal bracket. By using all of your skill points for Divine Favor and Holy Persuasion, you can make mass amounts of space for your team by steamrolling down towers and unsuspecting heroes with your army.

Here is the Mid Chen game if you do not believe.

What Else?

Many things were changed in patch 7.22. What stands out to you? With so many new Aghanim’s upgrades there is so much potential for crazy new strategies.

Were other heroes drastically changed that we missed? Comment down below and tell us about the changes you are most excited about or what might get changed again quickly.


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