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Overwatch: Dallas Fuel’s Biggest Fails Of Season One

With Season Two of the Overwatch League on the horizon, we should take a look back at the most facepalm-inducing moments from Season One. Dallas Fuel had a slow start, simple mistakes were made. Now we can look back and laugh at professional players being unprofessional. These are the Dallas Fuel’s biggest season one fails.

Classic C9, Classic xQc

You have to watch out for Soon. You can’t see any faces, but the disappointment Dallas had could be felt through the game.

Video courtesy of  Akshon Esports

Classic Soon, doing a classic C9. It was still early in the season, though. Maybe Dallas just didn’t know what to expect.

What About The Cart?

Dallas Fuel on Dorado, going up against their rival Houston Outlaws. Dallas wins the fight for first point, but they forgot to move the payload.

Video courtesy of Overwatch League

Even the professionals play Overwatch like a Team Deathmatch sometimes. Those moments in ranked where nobody is working together, taking 1v1s, almost makes them professional after seeing this.

Nerf Brigitte

Attack on Hanamura, with Dallas known for their lightning fast speed on this map. All is going well until Mickie messes up his shield jump and single-handedly ends the snowball.

Video courtesy of Overwatch League

At this time, Brigitte had an undiscovered shield jump combo that would have taken Mickie over the gap. Maybe it was practiced in scrims and he messed up, or maybe he just thought he could make it and learned the hard way.

“Can someone touch cart?”

“No. I need to get kills.”

Video courtesy of Akshon Esports

Six ultimate abilities and a dream, their faces lit up knowing this was it. Maybe someone called out “Touch the cart”, but the excitement got to them. The disappointment on their face is pretty funny looking back now.

The aKm Blade

Three minutes and forty-five seconds, one Dragonblade. Zero kills. Classic.

Video courtesy of Overwatch League

Some good did come out of this, as the aKm Blade is now a unit of measurement. The duration of the match was one hour and fourty-five seconds, which equates to 28 aKm Blades.

Here’s to hoping more memories are made during the second season of OWL.


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