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Why CS:GO Roulette Might not be as Crazy as it Seems

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular video games. And thanks to the huge fan base, it has birthed several industries that depend on its success.

One of these industries is CS: GO roulette. It’s been around since 2013 and peaked in 2016 before slowing down over the years. It didn’t go away, though. CS: GO roulette is still a thing with tens of thousands of fans.

Playing the game is as simple as spinning a roulette wheel. If you’re lucky, you could win fancy CS: GO rifle. Similarly, you could lose whatever skin you staked. It’s a controversial industry, more so, because it’s grossly unregulated and has few age and identity verification requirements. But here’s why you might want to consider it if of age.

Why CS: GO?

CS: GO is just one among dozens of video games out there. So, why is it the most popular game in the skins betting industry?   There are four reasons.

  • The game’s popularity: at its peak, CS: GO attracted 900,000 concurrent players on Steam. Couple that with the ten million copies it has sold worldwide, and you get a tremendously famous game.
  • Controlled Item Drops: Valve designed CS: GO to offer in-game items at controlled intervals. You can obtain them by playing the game regularly, purchasing them or by winning tournaments. Some of these items are pretty rare to find, which fuels their market prices immensely.
  • The Steam Market: Steam lets players buy and sell in-game CS: GO items on its platform. However, it’s controlled this process so much that fans found it necessary to start skins betting sites outside of the network.
  • Steam Trading API: this is the tool that helps developers create sites that can facilitate CS: GO gambling on a large scale.

CS: GO Roulette: How does it work?

CS: GO betting fans have several ways of doing it. There are also plenty of places to bet on the famous video game. Playing CS: GO roulette is one of the most popular ways to win skins and money through the game. Here’s how it works.

  1. Account Registration. The best CS: GO roulette sites support secure account creation using Google, Facebook, or Twitter. They also have licenses proving they are legitimate.
  2. Link your Steam Account. This is crucial to help transfer your skins to the betting site and to receive more skins or money if you win.
  3. Claim a bonus if it’s available.
  4. Select your roulette wheel. Many platforms have several wheels that offer different win rates. Some let you win 2X your bet. Others could earn you 10X your bet, but they are more challenging to win.
  5. Place your bet.

CS: GO Roulette Regulation

CS: GO betting sites have experienced tremendous changes in the past five years. For starters, they now have valid licenses. As mentioned here, they also offer fair gaming to players. In fact, some use system that lets players verify the fairness of roulette wheels.

That primarily works on roulette wheels based on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. These websites use a decentralized random number generator. As such, no one can tweak it to rig games. What’s more, it does this process transparently so that anyone can check how they win and lose.

CS: GO, roulette operators acquire licenses from several operators. But many of them seem to favor Curacao, a Caribbean-based regulator also known for licensing regular online casinos. It has lax laws and a relatively quick licensing process.

Valuing your Skins’ Worth

One of the reasons why CS: GO roulette betting sites are popular is because they value your skins’ worth accurately. If you have a pair of gloves valued at $16 on Steam, there’s a chance they will be the same price on a good betting platform.

In comparison, many CS: GO skins’ trading websites tend to devalue or overprice skins prices. It’s a business decision designed to help the facilitating website make profits. But due to a lack of proper regulation, these operators tend to misquote prices.

Against that backdrop, it’s crucial to pick your CS: GO roulette website wisely. You can ask for recommendations from a friend, or you can use the tips below.

  • Licensing and Regulation

Unlicensed betting sites are notorious for misappropriating players’ funds. They are also more likely to close down with funds than their regulated counterparts. As such, look out for a license before you deposit money on a betting website.

Unfortunately, there are not many regulators that license these businesses. As a result, there are still legitimate CSGO roulette sites without a license.

  • Bonuses and Free Coins

Bonuses play an important role in betting sites. They help you test the operator’s services before you commit a lot of money. Many CSGO roulette sites have bonuses. So, before you create an account, check which sites have the best welcome packages.

  • Roulette Wheel Variety

Similar to regular online casinos, CSGO roulette sites support a myriad of roulette wheels. But instead of being wheels that differ by design, they vary based on how they payout. For example, one wheel could have a multiplier of 50X. Another might have a 9X multiplier.

Roulette wheels also vary based on the number of players. Some involve three players. Others let you bet against the house.

  • Alternative Betting System

To spice up gameplay, many CSGO roulette sites also let you bet through boxes, poker, use money, or bet accumulators. Some of these wagers increase your risk significantly. But they make gambling on CSGO skins more exciting. Importantly, they also increase your potential payouts.

  • Online Reputation

Sometimes your best chance of identifying scam sites is to read online reviews. They can also help you discover the most trusted platform. As such, find comments from past customers to learn more about an operator before you use their services.

  • Payments

How do you fund your account? Do they support cryptos to help hide your identity? Do they support CSGO skins? Learn about a company’s supported payment methods and fees. Also, discover how fast they process winnings. That way, you won’t fall for scam sites with a history of not paying out to winners.

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