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Why CSGO is Still one of the Best Shooters Out There

The Counter-Strike series has always been one of the premier shooters, especially in terms of multiplayer. So much so that a game like CSGO, which came out almost 10 years ago, in 2012, is still one of the most played and watched games in the world. This is no coincidence. There are only a few games that have lasted as long or longer than CSGO. A few of the biggest are World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and League of Legends. Now it is time to look back and see why CSGO is still one of the best shooters out there today.


Every good game starts with its gameplay. When making a csgo account, players will notice that once they get in the game, it just feels smooth. Whether they are using the PP-Bizon, UMP or AWP all of the guns have a very distinct feel to them. Their spray patterns and movements are something that any player can remember, even if they have not played the game in a long time.

The same can be said about the way their characters move. While it is not a game known for its customization, it is one that has very deliberate movements from its characters. They don’t have any speed-ups, quick movements, rolls or anything out of the ordinary. That is except for walking. Walking is possibly one of the most important mechanics in the game and has made itself a staple for the genre so much that VALORANT had to copy it.

Overall the gameplay for CSGO is clear one that is iconic at this point. It is one of the many reasons this game has remained near the top of every list and is still one of the most-watched esports in the world.


The strategy of CSGO is also one of the most important aspects of this timeless classic. There are so many different callouts based on the map, how much money the team has, what guns they buy and what the score is. Pistol rounds are their own strategic element and they basically happen three to four times a game. Hearing someone yell, “RUSH B” is also a classic, to the point where it is a meme.

The strategic understanding of each map is something that has gone down in history as well. Dust 2 is up there amongst the most important and iconic maps in the history of gaming. The strategy of how to play that map has been studied for nearly a decade and yet people still never tire of it. In fact, it is such a popular map and the callouts are so ubiquitous with the game itself that some players only ever want to play on Dust 2.

There is little doubt that the strategy of CSGO between the maps, guns and callouts are what has allowed it to last as long as it has. Like the many different calls and plays in traditional sports, CSGO is one that basically every player knows and even when people are just getting into the game that they understand.


CSGO is not just a game it essentially has its own culture surrounding it. As was mentioned above, things like memes of “RUSH B” and an understanding of Dust 2 are pretty common amongst many gamers. But this has spread into something even more culturally. This is especially true in parts of the world where gaming cafes or PC bangs are common.

They are more popular in the Middle East and Korea than anywhere else in the world. But wherever these places are, CSGO is an extremely popular game. Players will gather together to play CSGO and it is a favorite pastime of many. The culture surrounding just being in the same location to play is something that has permeated many player’s lives.

There is no doubt that the cultural significance of CSGO is extraordinary. It is a game that has been a part of people’s lives for more than a decade and is a way they spend their free time together.


If anyone argued that CSGO was not one of the single best shooters around even after a decade, they would clearly be wrong. It is a game that has almost become a genre on its own. So much so that people looking for a csgo account for sale will do their best to get the best account possible. Also to the point that other games like VALORANT are very obvious copies of CSGO.

The transcendence of CSGO is not ultimately a surprise when looking at everything the game has done and how it has affected people’s lives. The gameplay, guns, maps and so much more have brought about a culture that surrounds the game itself. It is truly still one of the best shooters out there and it seems pretty unlikely that it will fall out of favor any time soon.

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