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Weekly CSGO News Roundup (Week of 6/10/21)

Whether one is a seasoned CSGO esport viewer or completely new to the scene, this weekly news roundup will take fans through the latest roster moves, tournament updates, and rumblings the esport has to offer. Look for these CSGO News updates every Friday on the CSGO page of TGH!

This week remains to be a slower news week with only a couple of roster moves and updates on previous news stories.

Zews Departs From EG

Evil Geniuses have continued to freefall down the rankings in 2021 and it seems as though the coach of the roster, Wilton “zews” Prado has decided to finally part ways with the organization. The two-time major champion had brought the squad numerous trophies during 2019 but found the results in the following two years to be quite the letdown for the potential the roster have recently shown.

Although the hot move in North America currently is over to VALORANT, zews has decided to stay within Counter-Strike and continue to be a “hungry and hardworking individual”. Surprisingly, the North American organization has prospered in their recent European venture without the coach and begin their first playoff campaign in almost one full year this weekend at IEM Summer.

Junior Benched From FURIA’s Active Roster

The most formidable Brazilian roster of late has put up many meaningful tournament placements but never the titles themselves. The organization and the fans alike consider it to be due to the wildly inconsistent nature of Paytyn “junior” Johnson’s AWP. Posting a lackluster .92 rating in the last three months, junior has struggled to find his groove at international tournaments and continued to separate FURIA from becoming a championship contending team.

The team now steps away from the American AWP experiment and bring forth the budding prodigy of Lucas “honda” Cano back into the spotlight. The young rifler had an incredible ceiling at the BLAST Premier Global Final last year and will return to starting five at the prestigious IEM Cologne this July.

Akuma’s Cheating Allegations Develop

A miracle run turned ugly scandal, Akuma’s CIS RMR run has found to be increasingly suspicious of various cheating methods. This was only possible due to the lackadaisical environment EPIC League created in their tournament. No GOTV delay, no mandatory player cameras, no additional anti-cheat, and no recording of the team’s voice communications, are the most prominent issues from the tournament organizers. An investigation has now been mounted by the CIS teams of the RMR and headed by ESIC to bring the rightful amount of RMR points to every team in attendance. The investigation was sparked after the unranked Ukranian team trounced Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro.

Additional suspicions have risen as Akuma’s former CEO had placed large bets on both games in favor of the severe underdogs. While the allegations have not been confirmed by ESIC, the commission has ordered to bar the team from any future events until the investigation has been completed.

IEM Summer Hits Playoffs

This weekend marks the end of the IEM Summer journey as the playoffs begin this Friday. Only six teams remain in the prestigious sixteen-team tournament, but one champion will remain. The favorites, G2 and Gambit, bring consistent dominance to the server and should be a considerable threat for the crown of IEM Summer. Vitality and EG return to the playoff stage after lengthy hiatuses from both rosters and look to go the distance. Virtus.Pro has yet another opportunity to get revenge on Gambit after close losses at both the CIS RMR and IEM Katowice. OG look like a well-oiled machine, rearing to snag a trophy for the European organization.

An exciting IEM Summer is around the corner, if you want to learn more about what these teams have done thus far, check out the TGH Playoff Preview here. Also, check back next week for another CSGO news update.

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