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Top 5 CSGO Pink Loadout Skins

When creating inventory in CSGO, everyone prefers some unique styles. As you know, there are hundreds of different skins in CSGO. And there is enough variety that almost most players can create an inventory of their own style. In this article, we have prepared a list of which skins you can create the best loadout in pink in CSGO. By looking at the list, you can choose from the pink color loadout skins most loved by the CSGO community.

In CSGO, the brighter or different-looking a weapon’s skin, the more expensive it is. That’s why we’re going to rank five loadout skins that reflect shades of pink from the most expensive to the least expensive in CSGO. Let’s look at the details of the skins together without wasting much time.

1. AK-47 Neon Revolution (FN)

At the beginning of our list, you can come across all shades of pink AK-47 | It’s the Neon Revolution. We can see the dominant tone of light green on the ends of the rifle. In addition, “Anarchy” is written on the weapon’s body in green. If you love to shoot great sprays with the AK-47 in the Terrorist section, this skin can double your enjoyment. The neon image makes the pink parts look extremely bright in the game and creates a nice image. Moreover, it is cheap enough that anyone can buy it. If you want, you can buy this skin from third-party sites, or you can buy it by placing a buy order on the CSGO Community Market. However, we guarantee that you can find this skin on sites like Lootbear for less than on Steam.

Price: $34.26 – $41.03

Collection: The Gamma 2 Collection

Released: August 18, 2016

Case: Gamma 2

2. USP-S | Cortex (FN)

We examine the USPS’s Cortex skin, which is one of the best pistols used by Counter-Terrorists in the game. This skin attracts attention with its affordable price for those who want to create a pink loadout. In particular, the pink patterns that exploded from the skull on the gun and spread over the entire body of the gun created a wonderful image. In addition, the gray metallic part on the top of the gun and the black silencer part look in perfect harmony with the pink color. We think that players who want a tough and eccentric look on their skin might like this skin.

If you feel lucky, you have the chance to get this skin by opening the Clutch Case. However, considering how cheap the price is, it makes more sense to buy directly.

Price: $7.56 – $8.45

Collection: The Clutch Collection

Released: February 15, 2018

Case: Clutch Case

3. Sport Gloves | Vice (FN)

Sport Gloves Vice is in third place on our list with its magnificent appearance and high price. When you look at the glove in detail, you can see that pink, turquoise, and black colors dominate. At the same time, the fact that the glove has a texture similar to latex creates a nice image. That’s exactly why they look like biker gloves. If you need gloves in your pink loadout, Sport Gloves Vice is the skin for you. It is not a skin that can be accessed by everyone, as it is usually over $20,000 in price. It’s one of the most expensive CSGO gloves but you can find renting options on

But you can be a collector and want to buy, so you can find out about the current price as of 2022 right below.

Price: $21.273,82 (FN) – $3,889.92 (MW)

Collection: The Clutch Collection

Released: February 15, 2018

Case: Clutch Case

4. AWP | Fever Dream (FN)

AWP Fever Dream is one of the most loved AWP skins by the CSGO community for its affordable price. It is one of the most necessary skins, especially for the pink loadout, which is the subject of our article. Because the various designs on the body of the AWP are created with the mix of pink and turquoise colors. You can also see the harsh tones of a dominant black color in this skin. The shapes on the body of the skin made Fever Dream have a unique atmosphere.

If you are a good AWP player, you can choose this skin. Or you can be a fan of s1mple, which is considered one of the best players in the CSGO eSport arena. Because s1mple is a living AWP legend and played a key role in the championship of IEM Cologne 2021. In any case, the AWP Fever Dream is a great skin that should be at the top of your inventory.

Price: $6.23 – $9.57

Collection: The Spectrum Collection

Released: March 15, 2017

Case: Spectrum Case

5. Sawed-Off | Wasteland Princess (FN)

The sawed-off shotgun is an alternative weapon that you can use when you save money with your team after consecutive losses in CSGO. We highly recommend using this colorful skin to boost your morale after a defeat in the game. You can see the mix of pink, brown, white, and black colors on the body of the pump. There is also a pink lip drawing on the body of the weapon. You can also capture the aura of Jinx, one of the Arcane figures, in this skin. Because, again, there are bombs, symbols and drawings of various violence on the body of the skin.

Price: $3.81 – $6.30

Collection: The Glove Collection

Released: November 28, 2016

Case: Glove Case



We are aware of the importance of building a personal inventory in CSGO. Players like to use cosmetic items that reflect their character and mood. We have tried to prepare a list that is suitable for everyone’s budget as much as possible. Some skins can be very expensive or very cheap. However, if you do not want to deal with them, you can simply rent all these skins by registering on reliable 3rd party sites. Also, skin rental in CSGO is extremely cheap.

If you would like to be inspired by our articles in the coming days, we look forward to your comments on this subject. Take care.

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