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RFRSH: A Story That’s Not So Refreshing

RFRSH Entertainment was announced back on the 21st of December in 2016, aiming to help player’s build their careers. In-game and outside of the game. Unfortunately even with their “record high” investments into esports, this doesn’t seem to be RFRSH’s main goal as a company. RFRSH are here for money, not to make the scene better. In my opinion they are lying about anything and everything to make that money.

Lying About Ownership

In an article by Vince Nairn of Slingshotesports, Steen Laursen of RFRSH responded to the article titled “RFRSH Entertainment might be one reason the Danish Sports Federation won’t recognize esports as a sport,” saying that RFRSH does not own any of the teams they’re involved with. This includes Astralis, GODSENT, and Heroic. Within public knowledge, it is not known that they have majority ownership of GODSENT, but they do own the majority of Heroic and Astralis.


Stemmerettigheder = Voting Rights

RFRSH has 50% to 66.66% ownership of Astralis, while they step on the gas with Heroic going up to 66.67% to 89.99% ownership. To not say that RFRSH owns either team is a straight up lie. Not to mention the voting rights which go directly against what RFRSH have been saying.

Unfortunately for RFRSH, but fortunately for everyone else, they will have to abide by a rule set by the World Esports Association (WESA). Found here, WESA announced that they will not allow any sort of multi-team ownership. RFRSH directly supported this, saying that they will abide by the rule. They lied, as seen above. And not one change has been seen to adapt to this rule, and it’s almost been 4 months since the announcement of the rule.

A new tournament series by none other than RFRSH themselves.

Early yesterday morning, RFRSH announced the BLAST Pro Series that will take place in the Royal Arena, Copenhagen. While this may sound like a huge problem, it actually isn’t. At least not yet. The moment we see two of the three teams that RFRSH has ties with, there will be a problem. The BLAST Pro Series will turn into another EPICENTER and ESFORCE situation, but that’s another story for another time.

This tournament curcuit could be absolutely huge for the scene in Denmark, a place where many tournaments don’t happen. And one, where no stadium events have happened. Finally it’s changed! But is it really for the better? We’ll have to find out in the coming months.

Update: a new lie.

In an article from Callum Leslie of, RFRSH confirm their majority ownership of Heroic and Astralis. Though, they go on to say that they never lied about it. And going back to what Steen Laursen said, he directly stated that they do not own these teams.

Public documentation of the ownership of Astralis and Heroic can be found Here for Astralis and Here for Heroic. As well as RFRSH’s info Here has the same address as Astralis and Heroic.

Major credit to @RLewisReports of Turner, @VinceMNairn of Slingshotesports, and @callumleslie92 of dotesports.

Featured photo via RFRSH Entertainment.

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