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Ninjas in Pajamas Welcome Back THREAT to CS:GO Team Staff

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Ninjas in Pajamas have officially welcomed back Björn “THREAT” Pers to their CS:GO team staff. He is a name that many NiP fans will already be well aware of, previously coaching the team to several great seasons before moving on to other opportunities.

“I’ve been long looking for another person to join me in the coaching team and therefore it feels great to finally be able to welcome THREAT. I remember facing him for the first time as a player back in 2008. Ever since we’ve been on different sides, until now.

THREAT and his mastermind will have a lot of responsibilities coming into this team. I believe it’s healthy for me and the team to have another person with both coaching and in-game leader experience entering the team. We will work closely together and evaluate as time comes on how to make this work in the best possible way. He will be working with me on distance but occasionally joining us for practices in our facilities in Stockholm.

At first he will be assisting me in structuring and tuning the team even more in situational plays and executes. He will also assist me and the players in preparations for our matches. Lastly, he will have the responsibility of helping our in-game leader to maximize his potential both as a player and in-game leader, something he has a lot of experience in.

A big welcome to one of the nicest guys in the business. Let’s do this!”

– Faruk “pita” Pita – Head Coach for NiP.CSGO



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