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Interesting CS:GO weapon skins in 2021

What makes a skin interesting? It’s a combination of different factors. The demand for a particular skin can skyrocket its price to almost absurd figures – such as dozens of thousands of dollars for one unique skin are no surprise to anyone. But there’s one general rule: a skin does not necessarily have to be expensive in order to be popular. Let’s check out some of the most interesting CS:GO weapon skins – the expensive and the more affordable ones.

What makes a skin interesting?

First of all, remember: even the best weapon skins for CS:GO are just small graphic textures. They have no big impact on the gameplay – their influence on game experience in CS:GO is purely visual. But nevertheless, they became the most popular trading object in the game, especially after the case keys became tied to individual Steam accounts.

One of the most important characteristics of a skin is its rarity. It’s generally quite an objective statistic, since it’s represented by “official“ grades:

  • Consumer – white,
  • Industrial – light blue,
  • Mil-spec – dark blue,
  • Restricted – purple,
  • Classified – merge of pink and purple,
  • Covert – red,
  • Exceedingly rare – gold.

As you can see, there’s a lot of options with regard to rarity, which certainly influences the price. Moreover, there are different factors like the skin design itself, or even the fact that a certain skin is discontinued. In such cases, its grade is named “Contraband” and its color is orange.

Another important factor is a purely subjective one. It’s the looks. The proper composition of colors, gradients, abstract or traditional art depictions – it’s quite obvious that nobody would pay any significant amount of money for a dull, uninteresting and poorly designed skin. So, as you can see, there are two factors which determine if a skin is interesting – objective (like the Weapon Quality) and subjective – the quality of the graphic design.

The most interesting weapon skins on the market

As we all know, the CS:GO market is highly volatile and tends to be a bit capricious. Skins that are hot this month may be of no particular interest in a few weeks. Despite these circumstances, let’s flip through some of the best weapon skins, according to gamers.

Something from “penny skins” – Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is one of the cheapest skins on the market. But even if you have a small budget to buy CS:GO skins, it’s better to choose some stylish and distinctive ones than just dull nets, right? A good example of a very affordable skin with a nice design is the Cold Fusion pattern. It consists of a hydrographic imprint which is put on the whole weapon with the exception of its handles. The skin itself is quite dark, not flashy, and can be purchased for as little as just a few euros. A great option if you’re looking for something cheap in price, but not in looks.

A little more expensive – the Toxic pattern

The toxic pattern is a little more flashy than Cold Fusion. It comes from The Cache Collection, and references the biohazard sign – its pattern consists of the internationally well-known “biohazard skull” which is imprinted onto the whole weapon in a hydrographic manner. But at the same time, the skin is not homogenous in terms of coloring – the Toxic skin for Tec-9 has a distinctive, dark orange coloring on the magazine. This dirty merge of green, black and orange makes it very satisfying to look at. That’s what makes it one of the best weapon skins in CS:GO in its price range.

Gloves skin – Vice

Although gloves skins may not be the most popular of them all, it’s always nice to have some. A quite expensive, but nevertheless interesting offer is the Vice skin for the Sport Gloves. The most interesting thing about them is definitely their color pattern – a merge of pink, blue and netted black is very original and unique. For the Vice skin, the price is definitely much higher than in the aforementioned examples – usually it’s around a thousand dollars.

But hey, if you want to have a really unique skin, it’s always worth putting some money on the table, isn’t it? And the best place to look for great skin deals is definitely Skinwallet – if you’re looking for attractive prices, it’s worth checking out.

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