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G2 Update Their CS:GO Roster: kennyS is Out, JACKZ Returns, NiKo to Take On Hybrid AWPing Duty

G2 Update Their CS:GO Roster

G2 Esports issued a statement announcing a series of updates to their CS:GO roster.

KennyS is Out

G2 Update Their CS:GO Roster

kennyS – Image Courtesy of StarLadder

According to the statement, the legendary AWPer Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is out of the active G2 roster.  The player “will be allowed to explore new opportunities”.

The decision to remove kennyS from the active roster comes at the back of another disappointing tournament exit at the group stage of the IEM Katowice tournament.

While kennyS hasn’t been the worst-performing member of the team, his performances have been lackluster for a star AWPer. Kenny’s performances have been in a decline since the second part of 2020.

Discussing the change, the head coach of the team Damien “maLeK” Marcel thanked kennyS for the “incredible moments and memories together”. kennyS had been a part of G2’s CS:GO division since February 2017.

JACKZ Returns

G2 Update Their CS:GO Roster
G2 JACKZ – Image Courtesy of ESL

The spot from the removal of kennyS will be filled out by returning Audric “JACKZ” Jug to the active roster. Coach maLeK believes that returning JACKZ to the main roster will bring “a new balance” to the team.

Considering the vast difference between kennyS AWPing and JACKZ’s supportive rifling styles, it would be hard to argue that this new iteration of the G2 roster won’t have a new dynamic.

JACKZ’s return to the active roster comes after sitting on the bench for three months. JACKZ was removed from the active roster back at the beginning of Dec. 2020.

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NiKo to Take On Hybrid AWPing Duty

G2 Update Their CS:GO Roster
G2 NiKo – Image Courtesy of G2

Removal of kennyS from the roster means that the new version of the G2 line-up won’t have a traditional AWPer. Instead, the AWPing duty will be taken over by the star player Nikola “NiKo” Kovač.

NiKo will perform his role as both a rifler and AWPer, taking on a hybrid duty. While NiKo is more famous for his superior rifling ability, coach maLeK has faith that NiKo’s hybrid duties will help the team have a “more open-minded approach” and “more flexibility” within their strategies.

Meanwhile, it seems like kennyS is already close to finding his new team. The legendary AWPer wrote on Twitter the that signing announcement will come soon.

The new version of the G2 lineup will have their first test at ESL Pro League Season 13. Their first match will be against NiP on March, 13.


Featured Image Courtesy of G2 Esports

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