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G2 Close Out the Year After Defeat in BLAST Premier Lower Bracket Semi-Final

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G2 ended their final tournament of the year with a 5-6th place finish after suffering back to back losses in the upper and lower bracket semi-finals of the BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

They started the Tournament with a win over FURIA

G2’s French-Serbian squad faced off against FURIA’s Brazilian side in the opening round of the tournament. The rematch from last week’s DreamHack Masters Winter tournament featured the same three maps.

The first map of the series was a struggle for the G2 side as they couldn’t find their footing on Inferno. FURIA dominated the map with their aggressive playstyle, steamrolling G2 with a 16-5 score line to start  off the series.

G2 had to battle through overtime on Mirage in order to get their first victory of the series after failing to close out the map in four map points. The final score of the map after the overtime was 19-17.

The two teams faced off on Nuke for the second time in two weeks to decide a winner. Despire slow starts in both halves, G2 managed to find their way back to victory winning the third map 16-11.

G2’s next round opponent, in the upper bracket semi-finals, was BIG.

Their first loss of the tournament came against BIG

G2 Close Out the Year
G2 nexa – Image Courtesy of HLTV

The last bout between the G2 and BIG took place at the DreamHack Open Fall tournament in October. This was the first series between the two squads since the addition of  Nikola “NiKo” Kovač to the team.

The series began on Inferno where G2 managed a 9-6 lead at the end of the first half. Things didn’t go well for the French-Serbian side in the second half as BIG went on a rampage after the first 6 rounds, winning 7 straight to close out the map at 16-12.

The second map of the series was Dust2. This time G2 achieved a more convincing 11-4 lead at the end of the first half. This gave them enough of an advantage to find ways to eventually close out the map with a narrow lead of 16-14.

Final map took place on Mirage. The two teams exchanged back-and-forth rounds finishing the first half with an 8-7 score line in favour of BIG. G2 had a good start to the second half winning the pistol and two back-to-back rounds before succumbing to BIG in the following 5 rounds. From there, BIG went on to end the series with a 16-13 victory.

This loss sent G2 to lower bracket semi-finals to face Astralis.

Astralis eliminated G2 from the tournament in dominating fashion

G2 Close Out the Year
G2 huNter – Image Courtesy of HLTV

In another rematch from last week’s DreamHack Masters Winter tournament, G2 battled against Astralis for a chance at reaching the consolidation final.

G2 had a strong start to the series on Inferno, gaining an 11-4 lead in the first half. That lead melted away in the second half where Astralis mounted a strong comeback.

The regular time of the first map ended in a draw, while G2 failed to deliver on two map points. The Danes eventually secured the victory after two sets of overtime rounds, winning the map 22-19.

G2 looked broken on the second map Dust2. They got utterly dominated by Astralis, finishing their final tournament of the year with a disappointing 16-2 defeat.

G2’s first showing in 2021 will be at BLAST Premier Global Finals 2020 which will begin in Jan. 18, 2021.


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