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CS:GO: Where Generations Meets to Play Together

Counter-Strike is one of the most memorable franchises of all time. It’s also one of those games that completely smashed all generational divides, making it easy to see why it’s loved by so many players. 

Today, estimates that players from 16 to people in their 40s are passionate about Counter-Strike and they have kept playing the game. Many people who were in their 20s when the game was just coming out are still active players today.

Distractions such as new game release and even the battle royale genre has not been able to distract players old and new from the title. But to what do we owe this success, as Counter-Strike remains one of the most important shooters on the horizon. There are at least several good reasons to think of.

A Skill-Driven Gameplay 

The first and most apparent reason is none other than the fact that Counter-Strike is driven by a distinct skill-based element. If you are the quicker shot, count the enemy’s foots and generally assume the tactical mindset needed to win, you are far more likely to score points. 

Of course, quick reflexes are also very welcome as ultimately you need to gun down the other person before he or she has had a chance to do so. Nevertheless, it’s this skill-based moment that makes the game so attractive to people from across different age groups. 

Excellent Sense of Community

Just like on the battlefield or at war, the sense of camaraderie is easy to develop in a game of Counter-Strike. Playing with the same people over and over again will sooner or later make you far more interested in coming back for more. Video games may seem like a lone business, but they are amazingly social in their nature, and hence why so many people love it. 

Great Support by Developers 

Let’s face it. No game can outlive expectations without solid backing by developers. And, the Counter-Strike franchise is lucky enough because it has the unconditional love of its developers. And as a result, the game has simply thrived. The constant development efforts have allowed the esports community to thrive.

Today, you have thousands of people who play the game at an exceptional level and as you can imagine – they come from different age groups which is perfectly normal and something that is precisely why the game is such a success. 

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