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CS:GO Players To Be Aware Of In 2021

Who Is the Prodigy ZywOo?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a pro-level competitive game that draws millions of viewers globally. As with any competitive sport, the cult of top-tier CS:GO players has immense popularity, giving way to a lucrative business. These talented individuals have a knack for playing smart and getting the most out of it, making their skill the stuff of legend.

As new gamers join the ranks of globally popular teams, the competitive CS:GO scenes continues to see countless shifts under the “best in the world” title. Aside from the legendary gamers that have defined and then re-defined the game as we know it, young blood continues to pour in. Let’s take a look at up-and-coming CS:GO players to look out for in 2021:


  • Nicolas Gonzales (“Plopsky”)
  • Ludvig Brolin (“Brollan”)
  • Helvijs Saukants (“Broky”)
  • David Cernansky (“Frozen”)
  • Kevin Rabier (“Misutaaa”)
  • Aurimas Pipiras (“Bymas”)
  • Nabil Benrlitom (“Nivera”)
  • Martin Lund (“Stavn”)
  • Mathieu Herbaut (“ZyWOo”)
  • Sergey Rykhtorov (“Ax1Le”).


Top 10 CS:GO Players To Storm The Scene In 2021


Nicolas Gonzales – “Plopsky”

Plopsky is one of the CS:GO players that pop up on every scout’s radar when scanning Scandinavian esports. This intriguing young gamer (18) started playing professionally just months before turning 16.

Currently playing for Ninjas in Pyjamas, Plopski’s skills have been evident from a very young age. His time with the Ninjas has proven ideal for the further development of his professional gaming skills.

In all fairness, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ professional rankings have been less than stellar over the last few seasons. However, with young talent like Plopski in the mix, 2021 promises to provide new successes for the team with the help of the youthful Scandinavian CS wonder.

Ludvig Brolin – “Brollan”

Brollan is only 18, but his gaming is already at a level to behold. When Brolin was only 15 years old, he signed a deal with GODSENT and entered the professional arena. It didn’t take Fnatic long to recognize his talent and add him to their impressive CS:GO players roster.

Brollan’s tenure with Fnatic has already earned him two important trophies: DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019 and ESL Pro League S11 EU. The list of players who have still not put such essential tournaments under their belts is endless, making Brollan’s success indicative of an even more stellar 2021.

Helvijs Saukants – “broky”

Broky joined the FaZe Clan’s lineup in September 2019 to complement an already impressively diverse roster. The young gamer fit in remarkably well despite his relatively short professional gaming career.

However, despite Broky joining Faze at the top of their gaming success, the team’s performances have not been as impressive as of late. Regardless, this talented individual has the ability to turn entire games around, which is an incredible asset for any team. It’ll be exciting to see what Broky delivers to Faze in 2021.

David Cernansky – “Frozen”

This 18-year-old entry fragger currently plays for Team MouseSports. This team has had a rocky couple of seasons, and Frozen seems to be their ace in the hole. Despite holding the number 2 World ranking earlier in the season, MouseSports finds itself struggling near the online era’s end.

The team has high hopes for this talented gamer who feels most comfortable in a traditional LAN setting. Frozen’s evolution into a fully-fledged team leader should occur in 2021, which will be exciting to see.

Kevin Rabier – “Misutaaa”

Misutaaa is one of several Team Vitality CS:GO players you should take note of in 2021. At only 17 years old, Rabier is officially the team’s youngest player. March 2020 saw this gamer joining team Vitality, and fans expect him to come into full bloom during his second year with the team.

Misutaaa’s strong suit is that of a rifler, and both the team management and fans look forward to his skills becoming invaluable in 2021’s quest for top ranking.

Aurimas Pipiras – “Bymas”

Bymas is a Lithuanian 17-year-old Counter-Strike prodigy currently sharpening his skills in MouseSports. In terms of his professional career, Bymas has been with MouseSports relatively shortly.

Regardless, his consistently high rankings through team matches look very promising. The young gamer is usually in second or third place in the leaderboard, instilling hope for 2021’s competitions. It will be thrilling to see what kind of an asset this young talent will become.

Nabil Benrlitom – “Nivera”

Even though we may not be used to CS:GO players hailing from Belgium, Nivera is there to demonstrate otherwise. This 19-year-old gamer completes the 6-man roster for Team Vitality thanks to a recent acquisition from Team Heretics.

Heretics saw Nivera acting as a substitute player, where he delivered jaw-dropping performances. With Vitality as his new home, 2021 should prove exciting in terms of how far this talented gamer will be able to take his gaming prowess.

Martin Lund – “Stavn”

Stavn adds another name to the list of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players originating from Denmark. This 18-year-old Dane currently plays for Team Heroic and has helped his squad achieve a stellar run thus far.

Heroic even overshadowed the legendary Astralis several times, and Stavn has played a crucial role more times than one can count. Heroic’s battles have continuously relied on Stavn’s rifling and support, and 2021’s bouts should prove similarly interesting to watch.

Mathieu Herbaut – “ZywOo”

ZywOo’s acquisition paid dividends for Team Vitality thus far, and the 20-year-old gamer continues to deliver promising games. The rivalry between ZywOo and s1mple is already the stuff of legends, and 2021 will undoubtedly offer equally nail-biting skirmishes between the two.

Sergey Rykhtorov – “Ax1le”

Ax1le has a positive outlook for 2021, thanks to supporting team Gambit. This 20-year-old is an irreplaceable piece of the Gambit equation, with truly outstanding fragging skills.

Gambit also boasts an impressive HLTV ranking as a whole, and much of that momentum is the work of Ax1le. With such a match made in heaven, Ax1le promises to be among the top CS:GO players to watch out for 2021 and beyond.

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