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3 ways to make money on your hobby for a CS:GO fan

Counter-Strike can rightfully claim to be the king of the tactical online shooters. The game has received this title honestly in its 20-year-long «life». Millions of gamers all around the world are fond of the latest version of the famous shooter – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Many of them stay loyal to the statement that CS is the only multiplayer game a gamer should dedicate his time to. Such popularity of CS:GO makes it interesting not only for those who want to spend time with friends and have fun but for those who want to make money.

The majority of multiplayer games have nothing to offer when it comes to earning money. Yes, battle royal games and GTA Online stand out with pretty entertaining gameplay but they leave only streaming for enterprising gamers. But what can those who know how to play but do not have enough charisma to attract the audience do? CS:GO provides three ways to make additional earnings and all of this is due to a big fan base and the well-established trading community. A professional esportsman, trader, and, of course, a streamer can earn cash in CS:GO.



It is believed that it is not that difficult to become an expert in any business. It is necessary just to pay some time to learn the theory and master your skills until it is entirely automatic. 1000-2000 hours are enough to improve your skill to «above average» and «high».

Many CS fans spend thousands of hours in online battles without even noticing it. Such gamers feel in CS:GO, like fish in a barrel. Their actions are automatic, their eyes catch the slightest opportunities on a battlefield and their brain finds the right decisions in problem situations in a couple of milliseconds. So why don’t you realize your earned experience and skills more seriously?

If a CS:GO fan has a few thousand hours of online matches behind, he should try moving to a professional league and start making money on his hobby. Initially, you can participate in amateur online CS:GO competitions or real regional-level tournaments but it can be a world-level one later. Spectacular performances at tournaments will allow you to make a bit of money, receive good presents from sponsors (which can also be sold) and get the attention of the gaming community.

Streaming, video content creation

It is profitable to create content for those who have already played CS:GO professionally and made a name. It is easier for an esportsman to attract the attention of the internet community. With it, it does not mean that only former professional players become content makers. Everything mainly depends on the gamer’s personal qualities, charisma, and skills to entertain the public but gaming skills are less important (however, the perfect option will be the mix of the first and second).

You can create a Twitch or YouTube channel dedicated to Counter-Strike to make money. Your content can include streams of personal matches, reviews of professional tournaments, master classes, compilations of cool or curious moments. The main thing is that your content should regularly attract enough viewers. The service itself will work on the issue of profitable monetization for both sides (subscriptions on Twitch or advertising fees on YouTube). Of course, you can receive money rewards directly from fans through donation services.

In-game items trade

It is not necessary to work on entertaining content creation or go into esports to earn a living with the help of CS:GO. You can try yourself as an entrepreneur. In-game trade is one of the well-developed aspects of CS:GO. There are a few ways to make money but to use them you will have to play CS a lot (which is not an issue for a fan). You can sell items, which you receive from cases. If an item is rare, with a low chance that it appears in your inventory, it can be sold for a solid sum.

Another approach is buying popular skins, which might become more expensive in the future perspective. A collection can be sold later and you will earn a bit of money. Trading skills are required to earn successfully. An entrepreneur-gamer will need to follow the market, collect useful information from various sources to predict price changes for CS:GO items.

Moreover, it is worth noticing that trading is one of the most complicated and risky ways to earn for a Counter-Strike fan. A gamer will need to invest in this business not just his own time as in the past ways of making a living but real money to buy interesting items. There is some kind of a chance to lose your money if an item becomes less popular or you meet an unreliable buyer.


CS:GO can become something more than just a way of entertainment for a gamer. The game provides a wide range of opportunities to make additional earnings. A CS:GO fan can become a professional esportsman, streamer, or content creator, and, finally, entrepreneur. The major part of the methods does not require financial investments, it will be only enough to dedicate more time to the game. In the case of failure, you can always do something else and play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just for fun.

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