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Runaway To Add League of Legends Team to Their Legacy


Dae-hoon “Runner” Yoon has plans to start a League of Legends team.

The Magic of Runaway
Runaway League of Legends
Photo Courtesy of Flowervin via Youtube

According to an initial report by FOMOS, Runner has plans to expand the Runaway brand by building a League of Legends team. Runner created Runaway, a fan favorite Overwatch Contenders team, in 2016. A true rags-to-riches story, he and his wife Hyun-ah “Flowervin” Lee built the Runaway organization from the ground up, covering the team’s expenses out of their own pocket. Runner initially started as a player for Runaway; the team quickly became a fan favorite due to their bright pink branding and lovable personalities, but they struggled against their competitors. After leaving the team to serve mandatory military service, Flowervin took over as manager of the team for her husband. Under Flowervin’s guidance, Runaway grew into a powerhouse team that eventually became the Vancouver Titans.

As the Titans dominated the Overwatch League, Runaway’s success continued with their 2019 roster. With big shoes to fill, the new team rose to the challenge and fought their way to the top, eventually becoming the Season 2 champions. Many members of this roster are rumored to be joining the League next season. This week, the Florida Mayhem announced the signing of Nam-jin “Gangnamjin” Gang and Jun-ki “Yaki” Kim. Dae-kuk “KuKi” Kim will join them as the Mayhem’s head coach. Except for Tae-sung “Mag” Kim, who Runner has confirmed to be staying at least one more season, most of Runaway’s roster is expected to be picked up based on their stellar performance this year.

A New Venture

Runner and Flowervin have created a legacy unlike any other, and now they are looking to take the League of Legends scene by storm as well. Flowervin will continue to be in charge of the Overwatch team while Runner focuses on League of Legends. Runner is reportedly in talks with a team that has already been seeded into next year’s Challengers. This move is an exciting crossover, and will certainly help build up Runaway’s already strong brand if the team is successful.

With Runaway, Runner and Flowervin truly have created something special. Their Overwatch team has been through it all. The original underdogs, they are no strangers to failure. However, their perseverance, passion and genuine love for what they do has propelled them into creating one of the most influential dynasties in esports. Starting something new is always a difficult challenge. However, with his experience and fan’s support behind him, Runner might be on his way to creating another new fan-favorite team.

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