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Path to Pro Announces Contenders Broadcast Details


Good news, Contenders fans! The Path to Pro Twitter finally released an updated schedule for the 2020 Contenders season. In December, they announced the new ecosystem that Contenders will be run by. Initially, the new rules and regulations seemed like a step in the right direction. However, fans were quickly disappointed by the lack of broadcasts during European, North American, and Korean trials that were held in January. Thankfully, a couple of teams, primarily HSL Esports and NYYRIKKI, streamed from their team’s perspectives to give fans some semblance of entertainment. Not being able to watch left fans feeling confused and frustrated as they watched team Twitters update with surprising match results.

Thankfully, the plan seems to be to at least stream Australian Contenders trials. This year, the goal is to focus more on highlighting top teams and individual talent within the different regions. Although they did not say what streaming platform the games will be streamed on, fans can expect more news within the next couple of weeks. They also plan on releasing more information regarding talent for the broadcasts.

Region Start Dates

  • Feb. 23: Australia
  • Feb. 24: Pacific
  • Feb. 29: South America
  • March 3: North America and Europe
  • March 10: China
  • March 11: South Korea

Graphic courtesy of Overwatch Contenders

Be sure to tune in for Contenders Australia Trials on February 27, 6 p.m. AEDT (February 26, 11 p.m. PT)! Keep an eye on the official Path to Pro Twitter for more announcements!

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