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TL Steve on memes in 2018: “The fourth place thing, hopefully it’s dead at this point.”

Team Liquid's Steve hopes the fourth place meme will die after the 2018 Spring Split finals

All of Team Liquid arrived to the Fillmore Theatre in Miami, Florida for their last match of the NA LCS Spring Split. They face 100 Thieves, in what is sure to be an exciting finals. While 100 Thieves finished first in the regular season, most fans on-site in Miami favor Team Liquid to take the series, citing Doublelift’s carry potential as the “X-factor” that 100 Thieves does not have.

Prior to the match, both teams arrived in a red carpet-style fashion, surrounded by the press and fans. The players and staff posed for pictures, before breaking up for brief questions and fan-meeting. Team Liquid drew the largest, most enthusiastic crowd of the whole event. Fans battled to the front for signatures, selfies, and handshakes.

Steve Arhancet, the owner of Team Liquid, was among his team for the grand entrance. Accepting a brief interview, here is what he had to say:

Thomas: “What are your thoughts on the match today?”

Steve: “It’s going to be a convincing win, I hope. Based on scrims, things are looking good, but, you know, they can turn up. Hopefully, it’s a great match, but I think we’ve got this.”

Thomas: “How’s Miami treating you so far?”

Steve: “It’s been fun. We haven’t made it to the beach, yet.”

Thomas: “Yeah, me neither. Maybe afterwards?”

Steve: “Yeah, exactly! Maybe after we win today.”

Thomas: “Lastly, what’s your favorite meme so far this year?”

Steve: “Ah, my favorite meme. I mean, the fourth place thing–hopefully it’s dead at this point, right? I don’t know.”

Team Liquid's Steve hopes the fourth place meme dies after the 2018 Spring Split finals
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

“Paid by Steve,” “Sent from my HTC phone,” and other memes probably do not sting as hard as the TL-fourth place meme. As an owner with so much invested in the LCS, to never finish higher than third or fourth leaves a constant hunger for Steve. Seeing TSM, Cloud9, and CLG banners lining the LCS studio leaves Liquid as the last old guard organization to win a split.

Team Liquid hopes to win its first NA LCS in 2018. Just by finishing in the top two, TL will have surpassed any of its previous LCS finishes. While Steve hopes to kill the Team Liquid fourth place meme, a victory would peg them as the fourth organization to take home gold in the LCS.

After entering franchising, getting far ahead in the off-season shuffle, and building an entirely new roster and training facility, a 2018 Spring Split trophy would be immensely gratifying for Steve. A win may elevate the organization beyond frequently finishing fourth place, but the Liquid-fourth meme will live on, revitalized. But, knowing it lives on because of an LCS title would probably be okay with Steve.

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