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Security is tight at Oracle Arena for NA LCS Finals weekend

The NA LCS Finals are at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California

The North American LCS headed to Oracle Arena in Oakland, California this weekend. Thousands of fans and other personnel have traveled to the area to watch the third place and title matches for the Summer Split. With a shooting at a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida happening just two weeks ago, esports event security is on many peoples’ minds.

The Entrance

Even the press has to go through security before entering Oracle Arena.
Even the press has to go through security before entering Oracle Arena.

Long lines piled up leading into the perimeter surrounding Oracle yesterday, as everyone has to go through security. Several metal detectors offer entrance at a couple of entry points where all individuals empty their pockets, and security personnel sifts through every bag. Some personnel are wielding handheld metal detectors as a secondary measure. Even the press and non-fans entering the Arena must allow bag inspections and must pass through a metal detector.

In the outdoor pre-game festivities area, security guards command posts to monitor everyone’s safety. During the player red carpet entry, armed police officers and security manned various positions entering the outdoor perimeter, and entering the actual stadium. The staff set up barricades to protect the players, coaches, and other organizational staff from fans and media.

Inside the Venue

Within Oracle Arena, security is posted at every entry into the seating areas, the floor and stage areas. Most entryways and staircases throughout the entire facility, including the storage areas, have security.

Security was tight for the player red carpet entrance.
Security was tight for the player red carpet entrance.

Media personnel covering the event must show press passes to enter certain areas. Riot and LCS organizational staff also show separate credentials before approaching team areas.

While entrance processing has been inefficient and slightly unorganized at times, no one can argue that security has been loose. The entire perimeter outside the Arena is protected, and the security throughout the inside areas should reassure fans and players. Some individuals have voiced complaints about the inconvenience of entering the event.

However, this form of security will most likely become standard for esports events, as the size of the audience and venues continues to increase, and in response to the recent Jacksonville shooting. Convenience is an easy sacrifice for additional security and peace of mind. For more information on security at NA LCS Finals, visit Oracle Arena’s website and Riot’s Field Guide.


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