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SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

College Football Saturday and Halloween have landed on the same day for the first time since 2015. It’s an unorthodox year but some things never change and candy and football are still great. We’ll take a look at each SEC team and what candy they’d be.

Alabama: Reese’s Cups

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

Can anyone say Reese’s Cups are bad? Have they ever been bad? They’re popular, they’re dependable, they’re always in your candy bag. The Crimson Tide are the Reese’s Cups of the SEC. Every year they’re there, if not at the top then very close. Every time you look around there’s another Bama fan, just like Reese’s Cups always showing up in your candy bag.

Arkansas: Bit-O-Honey

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

On paper “honey-flavored taffy” should sound good. But it just takes forever to devour the “long-chewing candy.” Similar to how it took forever for Arkansas to get an SEC win. It might not be two years to eat one, but it’s still too long.

Auburn: Tootsie Rolls

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

I’d always go back and forth on these. Sometimes they hit the spot and I can’t stop eating them. Other times I can’t understand what people see in them. Just like the Auburn fan base with Gus Malzahn. This year might be a throw it out feeling for Gus.

Florida: Snickers

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

Another dependable and delicious treat, the Snickers usually doesn’t disappoint. The key here is you eat one when you’re cranky. And boy does Florida coach Dan Mullen have his moments. Whether it’s projecting blame on anyone but himself for a loss, complaining about stadium attendance at A&M, or stubbornly refusing to admit fault, Dan should probably keep a few extra Snickers around during his press conferences.

Georgia: Hershey’s

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

Another very dependable candy, you can always find a Hershey’s bar on Halloween night. And when there aren’t a lot of candy options, it’s definitely your top choice. Just like Georgia in the SEC East. Without many competitive options, Georgia’s found themselves in Atlanta three straight years.

Kentucky: Almond Joy

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

I can remember as a kid hating Almond Joy’s. Why is there coconut ruining my chocolate bar? My parents were always happy to take them off my hands though. Leading me to believe that this is a candy that gets better with time. Similar to Mark Stoops arriving in Lexington. Each year they seem to be getting just a little better.

LSU: WarHeads

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

They’re a two part candy. Pop one in and your mouth goes all tingly, it can be almost unbearable. But after a while it goes away and they’re delicious. The Tigers seem to be in that initial sour stage this season. They’ll be hoping for a sweeter turn around for 2021.

Ole Miss: Swedish Fish

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

Swedish Fish, Swedish Landsharks, whatever. The opportunity is too perfect. In Ole Miss’s defense (no pun intended), Swedish Fish are delicious. Swedish Fish eventually always has its hey day, which Ole Miss is hoping for in coming years.

Mississippi State: Peeps

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

What? This always drove me nuts. Why is someone giving out Peeps on Halloween? This is Easter candy. Similarly, what is Mike Leach doing? This is the SEC. That style and approach is for the Pac12 and Big12. But, the cowbell faithful are hoping Leach can fit the square peg in the circular hole.

Missouri: Nerds

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

It doesn’t exactly go along with the chocolate candy theme, just like Missouri doesn’t exactly go along with the SEC. That being said, Nerds are that mix it up candy you didn’t know you needed. After eating seven chocolate bars a handful of Nerds is a great pallet cleanser. That’s what Missouri seems to be doing this year. That win over LSU? Oh yeah, that was exactly what we needed.

South Carolina: Milk Duds

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

You think they’d be good being milk chocolate and caramel, but is anyone ever happy with it? Similarly, Gamecock nation has been waiting for years for Will Muschamp to get this program up and rolling. Yet each season seems to be another dud, sitting around waiting for next year. Who knows, maybe this year Milk Duds are the move.

Tennessee: Candy Corn

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

Candy Corn always thinks they’re the best candy. They’ve got this idea that they’re Halloween’s candy and everyone should love them cause they’re the best. I think at one time maybe they were, like the 50’s or 60’s, maybe even the 90’s. Similarly, Tennessee just keeps living in the past. For the last time, no it does not feel like ’98.

Texas A&M: Milky Way

Milky Way’s are good. It’s a delicious combination of chocolate, caramel, malt. But it’s never the best. No matter what you do Milky Way will never be the best candy bar in your bag. Just like A&M has been in the SEC. They’re getting that 8th and 9th win but they just haven’t been able to get over the hump to top the SEC West.

Vanderbilt: Raisins

SEC Teams as Halloween Candies

Why are they even here?





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