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Maryland Suspends Football Workouts As More People Test Positive For COVID-19

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The state of Maryland had recently suspended all football workouts following the rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, as reported by The Washington Post. According to the report, at least nine people recently tested positive for the virus SARS CoV-2 virus, or the virus causing COVID-19. These included athletes and staff members. Those who have tested positive were contacted privately and are now under strict self-isolation orders. The Prince George’s County Health Department is on the task of doing extensive contact tracing, and those who will be deemed as close contact and were at risk of exposure will have to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days.

The testing was done by the University Health Center last Tuesday and Wednesday, July 7 and 8, respectively. A total number of 185 athletes and staff members were tested. In June, Maryland also had 105 athletes undergo COVID-19 tests, and no one returned positive for the virus. Following that, players were allowed to return to campus only for voluntary workouts and practice, which started on June 15. Everyone who volunteered to do so was tested for the virus once more.

This is not the only concern that the world of college football is facing right now, amidst the world battling with COVID-19 and its effects. A lot of leagues have already decided to suspend their 2020 college sports seasons. This is also a challenging time for bookmakers. However, a good bookie will always find ways for their clients to continue betting despite most games being suspended. You still want to keep betting? The best solution is to find the best bookie. Where do you find one? Nostrabet gives more info about the best bookies such as Betfair, and you can read on tips and recommendations there, too.

As for those who had tested positive from Maryland, it is not clear whether these include players from only one team or if the spread of the virus is concentrated on only one particular sport. Regardless, the decision on the halting of sports activities encompasses all, not just football.

The coronavirus threat really changed the world of sports and put a stop on most games, if not all of them. Maryland is not the first to experience the coronavirus’s hit on their college football–and all sports, for that matter. The Ivy League, for one, had previously announced that they are suspending activities on all sports for this season, adding that a later date for resumption will be decided on soon. Other conferences such as The Big Ten and the Pac-12 had also announced that they would have to suspend the college football seasons to a later date. The Ohio State and North Carolina conferences have also paused on their football workouts due to coronavirus issues.

The Big Ten and Pac-12 have yet to decide when they can resume this year’s college football season. On the other hand, The Ivy League is reportedly considering whether they can resume the fall seasons in the coming 2021 spring.

As for actual school activities, the University of Maryland plans to conduct face-to-face classes, at least partially, for the coming fall semester. They plan to do this for only about 20% of the total number of undergraduate classes. Meanwhile, all courses with more than 50 enrolled students will be completely done online.

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