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Luther Muhammad Ohio State

Muhammad is very a solid catch and shoot player from deep. Also, he has a very good size that will allow him to get shots off easier and he contributes well to the boards. Also, he moves well without the basketball for cutting opportunities to the basket and spacing the floor. He could improve his ability to make plays off the dribble and attack the basket more effectively with his size. Furthermore, he will fit into anyone’s offense as a secondary scorer and a potential knockdown shooter. He does a solid job in transition and is capable of making plays at the rim and spotting up on the perimeter. As for the defensive end, he is not very quick and can struggle to guard players off the ball coming off screens. Next, on the ball, he can be very effective with his length and can disrupt shots well and contains the ball effectively. Muhammad will be a very solid piece for a team’s perimeter he chooses to join. The favorite seems to be Arizona State.

2019-20 Averages 7.0 points 2.3 rebounds 1.3 assists 38.3 FG% 34.7 3pt%

Purdue big man Matt Haarms to enter transfer portalMatt Haarms Purdue

Haarms has extraordinary size at 7-foot-3 and will immediately help someone’s frontcourt. Additionally, Haarms has a very good ability to play in space as a screener and passer from the Purdue offense. His mobility for a big guy is really good and he’s very effective in ball screen and roll situations as well as slips. Also, the rebounding ability is there with his second chance opportunity offense being a major factor. Next, his athleticism is good for a guy his size as well as he has really good hands and is secure with the ball. Furthermore, he has also extended his range to the three-point line having the ability to space the floor. For Haarms to reach the next level in his game he must be a more dominant interior presence with his scoring ability. Defensively, he has a really good size that disrupts drives to the basket with his ability to alter shots. Also, he can move decently on the perimeter in switches. Haarms will be a very impactful addition to a team in need of an interior presence.

2019-20 Averages 8.6 points 4.6 rebounds 0.9 assists 52.4 FG% 31.3 3pt%

Alan Griffin Illinois to Syracuse

Griffin has a very quick shot release and can be a knockdown shooter for Syracuse. His ability to space the floor is very good and his size allows him to shoot over the top of defenders. He does a very solid job rebounding the basketball for a guard. Further, an area in which he could improve is his ability to attack off of the dribble for mid-range jumpers and getting to the basket. He is going to be very dangerous in transition as a spot-up three-point shooter. The ability to shoot the basketball will make him a very good addition to Syracuse’s perimeter offense. Defensively, he could improve his strength to be able to contain drives and get around screens better. Also, he has a very good length to defend well especially off the ball. He brings good activity and energy defensively and is a plus defender. Griffin will be a very solid addition to Jim Boeheim and Syracuse.
2019-20 Averages 8.9 points 4.5 rebounds 0.6 assists 48.3 FG% 41.6 3pt%

Tyrese Martin Rhode Island to UConn

Martin has good size and is good with the basketball. Furthermore, he can make plays off the dribble and has a steadiness about him. Also, he is an effective catch and shoot player from the perimeter could improve to be a bit more consistent. Next, physically he has the opportunity to grow into a better driver with the skill level and size he has. Also, he is a very effective rebounder on both ends of the floor and can be dangerous in transition. His ability to pass the basketball could be more effective to set up teammates and eliminate turnovers. Now defensively, he must become more active of the basketball to be a very good defender with his athleticism. Next, he can provide solid on-ball defense with his size and length. Martin will be a productive wing player for UConn who has a ton of skill and potential to be very good if his energy level can improve.
2019-20 Averages 12.8 points 7.1 rebounds 1.1 assists 43.3 FG% 32.1 3pt%

Davion Mintz Creighton

Mintz is very solid in transition running the floor well and finishing consistently. Furthermore, he’s a scrappy player and in the half-court looks to attack the gaps and get to the basket, but can struggle to finish around size. Next, he’s sneaky athletic and is active off the basketball who can get easy back-cuts. Also, Mintz could improve as an overall shooter to open up more driving lanes. He does a solid job of distributing on offense and can contribute on the boards well. Mintz brings really good active hands and does a good job of staying in front of the ball. He does a great job of not taking chances but consistently applying pressure and containing the ball. He will be a solid addition for a team’s perimeter defense and play with good energy.

2018-19 Averages 9.7 points 3.0 rebounds 3.0 assists 41.6 FG% 34.7 3pt%

Jimmy Sotos Bucknell to Ohio State

Sotos has a pretty quick first step and can get in the lane to set up bigs and potentially score at the rim. Furthermore, he has really good ball control and the ability to push the ball in transition. Next, an area he could improve on is his strength and ability to handle the physicality. Also, he has deep range as a shooter and is confident in his shot and will make shots on the catch and dribble. He has a craftiness to his game where he can be a very good distributor, but can also take chances and turn over the basketball. He’s very effective in ball screen actions with his control. Additionally, he is a very solid distributor and will be a lead guard for Ohio State. As for the defensive end, he brings good toughness and energy who will battle on switches. The physicality and overall quickness will be his biggest challenge at a higher level. Sotos will be a very solid player for Chris Holtmann giving them a guard who can run an offense.

2019-20 Averages 11.5 points 3.5 rebounds 3.9 assists 40.6 FG% 37.1 3pt%

Carlik Jones goes ahead and makes his ACC pickCarlik Jones Radford to Louisville

Jones will be a scoring guard for Louisville in a dynamic backcourt with David Johnson. Furthermore, Jones has a very good size with the ability to rise to make mid-range pull up jumpers and has very good ball control. Next, he can attack downhill with solid strength and finish ability. Also, he’s very good in ball screen action to pull back for threes and getting into the lane. The overall control that Jones plays with is very good. He is an underrated athlete who can be dynamic in transition with and without the basketball. Additionally, he can be a solid passer and rebounds the basketball well. Jones will be a tremendous addition to the Louisville offense. He’s got very good size and has solid length who can disrupt the perimeter for Louisville. Jones will be a very solid on-ball defender for Louisville. Jones will have an immediate impact on Louisville creating the best backcourt in the ACC.

2019-20 Averages 20.0 points 5.1 rebounds 5.5 assists 48.8 FG% 40.9 3pt%

Johnny Juzang Kentucky to UCLA

Juzang has the ability to be a knockdown shooter and a major factor for a team’s perimeter scoring. Next, his ability to play off the basketball is really good as he can come off of off-ball screens with his great shooting and quick release. His spot-up ability from 3 is very good and his movement on the perimeter creates ideal spacing. Additionally, he will be a very effective player in transition spotting up on the wing. If Juzang can enhance his ability to make shots off of dribble he will take a major step forward in his game. His off-ball movement and great shooting will fit into a team’s offense seemingly. As for defensively, he could improve his positioning on defense with the lateral movement to contain the ball. Besides, he must be able to increase his strength to defend guards and wings effectively. Juzang will bring major shooting for UCLA.

2019-20 Averages 2.9 points 1.9 rebounds 0.3 assists 37.7 FG% 32.6 3pt%

Terrell Brown Seattle to Arizona

Brown can break you down for mid-range pull up jumpers and can get to the basket effectively. He also has the ability to set up for teammates off the dribble. Also, it likes to utilize ball screens to get downhill to attack either side. He’s got a pretty quick step as well that gives him good separation. Furthermore, his quick crossover allows him to get to the lane where he is most effective to get to the rim and can utilize runners. He’s got the ability to be effective in transition pushing the ball with the ability to finish through traffic. The 3-point shooting must improve so he can create in the lanes more effectively. His quick handle will allow him to be very effective for Arizona getting offense. As for the defensive end, he’s got solid energy and does a good job on the basketball. He is a bit undersized therefore, he can struggle to get in the passing lanes and can get driven on. Brown will be a nice addition to the Arizona backcourt losing Nico Mannion.

2019-20 Averages 20.7 points 6.2 rebounds 4.9 assists 41.9 FG% 29.1 3pt%

Makhi Mitchell Maryland to Rhode Island

Mitchell has solid size and good athleticism his mobility is pretty good as well. The physical presence is there for Mitchell but he must improve his ability to finish around the basket effectively. Also, he does post up strong and can get solid post positioning. Further, he is effective on the boards on both ends and will do a solid job of that consistently. The overall skill set of Mitchell needs to improve to be a force down low however with going to the A-10 he should grow into being very productive. Now defensively, he moves well with the ability to hedge and recover and does get solid post positioning consistently. Mitchell’s mobility and size will make him a very solid post defender, especially with his length. Mitchell has the potential to grow into a very good big in the A-10.

2019-20 Averages 3.0 points 3.3 rebounds 0.2 assists 35.3 FG%

Trey Murphy Rice

Murphy is a long athletic player who has room to grow as a more complete player. Further, he has the capabilities to be a threat in transition as a driver and a shooter. Additionally, his preference is to make plays off of the dribble for pull up jumpers from mid-range and 3. He moves well without the basketball and is a good cutter with the ability to finish at the rim consistently. Also, he must take the next step as a shooter to be more consistent and be a very good offensive threat. He will also contribute to the boards on both ends. Also, he must improve his shot selection and be more off a driver with his athleticism. As for the defensive end, he has potential with his length and athleticism. However, he lacks the best positioning and some strength as well. Murphy’s list is cut down to Houston, Pittsburgh, Villanova and Virginia. No matter where he goes, he will be a solid additional piece to a backcourt.

2019-20 Averages 13.7 points 5.5 rebounds 1.2 assists 43.3 FG% 36.8 3pt%

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