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DJ Carton Ohio State

Carton does a very good job of getting the ball out in transition and will get to the basket consistently in transition. Also, he is quick with the basketball and drives to the basket very strong, especially on the left side. He’s got the ability to make open threes and relocates well. He needs to improve to be a more consistent shooter. Furthermore, he the ability to create separation with his ball-handling for potential open mid-range jumpers. Carton does a solid job defensively on the basketball he plays more contained than over aggressive and off the ball he can be a bit late to recover. Carton will be very solid for a high major team.
2019-20 Averages 10.4 points 2.8 rebounds 3.0 assists 47.7 FG% 40.0 3pt%

Landers Nolley Virginia Tech

Image result for landers nolley ii

Nolley is an extremely gifted player who has great athleticism and length. In addition, he wants to be more a wing than a true guard taking perimeter jumpers. He must improve his jump shot to become a more consistent shooter. Also, he’s got the ability for a good head fake and getting to the foul line area for a consistent jumper. As well as, getting to the basket very well with his size and can finish consistently. Now, defensively his length and athleticism make a very good defender on the basketball. Nolley will be a high-level addition for any team in the country and his potential is untapped into what he could become.

2019-20 Averages 15.5 points 5.8 rebounds 2.4 assists 37.0 FG% 31.6 3pt%

Trey McGowens Pittsburgh

McGowens is a ball-dominant player who has good physicality to get downhill and finish through contact in the lane. Also, he is a solid shooter who will make open threes on a consistent basis. His overall game is solid with the ability to get others and rebound the basketball well. He’s effective in ball screen action as well allowing him to get to the basket effectively. McGowens can struggle to stay in front of high-level guards on a consistent basis with lacking great lateral quickness. He brings good physicality on the defensive end. McGowens has room to improve as more complete scorer and player but will be a nice addition for a team.
2019-20 Averages 11.5 points 3.3 rebounds 3.6 assists 36.7 FG% 31.1 3pt%

Jamarius Burton Wichita State

Burton is a high percentage shooter who fits into his role very well with his ability to make mid-range jumpers and make open threes in the rhythm of the offense. Burton is in great control with a steadiness about him offensively. He’s very solid in ball screen action to make open threes and create separation. On the defensive end, he’s very solid and doesn’t take chances or overplays, but he contains the basketball well. His size is pretty good where he can guard 1-3 effectively. Burton is a very solid player who could be a sneaky addition to a team.
2019-20 Averages 10.3 points 3.5 rebounds 3.4 rebounds 44.0 FG% 38.1 3pt%

Erik Stevenson Wichita State to Washington

Stevenson has the ability to play on and off the basketball very well. He has the ability to make the step in threes in transition. He was also a cutter off the ball to get open. He is very smooth with the basketball with very good feel and can attack the basket with underrated athleticism. Further, his well-roundedness offensively will make him a great fit at Washington. Defensively, Stevenson provides the solid on-ball defense with his solid size and gives active hands throughout. Stevenson will be a lead guard for Washington and Mike Hopkins.
2019-20 Averages 11.1 points 4.7 rebounds 2.3 assists 37.7 FG% 30.4 3pt%

Alterique Gilbert UConn

Gilbert will add to a team’s perimeter defense with his very good activity off the basketball always recovering on someone. Also, his on-ball defense is very good with a really good technique and very effective use of his hands. On the offensive end, he is an inconsistent shooter who can go cold from the perimeter. Next, he does have the ability to get to the basket and finish going to the right side. He’s effective in transition at well either pushing the basketball or running the floor for a layup. Gilbert will be a very good addition to someone’s perimeter defense.
2019-20 Averages 8.5 points 2.6 rebounds 3.8 assists 34.6 FG% 31.8 3pt%

Joshua Morgan Long Beach State

Morgan is very athletic, active around the basket and is effective in screen and roll situations. He needs to improve his strength to be a force in post-up situations. Morgan has a long way to go to be a polished scorer, but his activity and athleticism make him an intriguing transfer option. He runs the floor extremely well and can be a force to deal with in transition. Defensively, he moves well enough to contain the ball on the perimeter and recover, as well as, providing rim protection with his exceptional length. Morgan could be a gem for a team looking for an athletic big on the transfer market.
2019-20 Averages 8.4 points 6.1 rebounds 0.9 assists 62.2 FG%

Sam Sessoms Binghamton

Sessoms is a scoring guard with the ability to shoot the ball very well from the perimeter, especially in transition. He prefers to use ball screen action to get a separation or a potential switch for a three or a drive to the basket. Also, he has a tendency to take forced shots and will need to limit so with a higher level team. When in one on one situations he can be very good at getting shots from the perimeter as well as getting clean drives to the basket with solid touch. Now, defensively he’s below average, he doesn’t have great energy and size on to guard the ball consistently. He doesn’t take any chances and gets driven on by bigger guards. Sessoms will be a ball-dominant player who will look to control the game with his offense.
2019-20 Averages 19.4 points 5.0 rebounds 4.8 assists 41.5 FG% 31.5 3pt%

Grant Sherfield Wichita State to Nevada

Image result for grant sherfieldSherfield is a low compacted player who can make threes effectively in transition and pulling up over defenders. When the lanes are open he can get to the basket effectively, but being undersized he can struggle to finish at times. He’s solid in ball screen action, getting to the foul line area for pull up jumpers and runners. Sherfield must improve his shooting efficiency to become a better player. Next, defensively he’s decent on the basketball with good effort, but his quickness laterally isn’t there always and his size doesn’t help him absorb bigger guards. Sherfield is a solid piece to a team’s backcourt with three years of eligibility left.
2019-20 Averages 8.1 points 3.0 rebounds 2.9 assists 35.3 FG% 30.4 3pt%

Hayden Koval Central Arkansas

Koval moves well navigating inside and out with some versatility. The 7-footer is very effective on the boards on both ends with his size and is very good in ball screen action driving to the basket. He must be stronger in the post to finish way more efficiently. In addition, he can step out to the perimeter and make 3-pointers at a decent rate. Defensively, he is solid around the basket with his size and length. He will struggle to guard on the perimeter and staying in front of the guards. Also, his overall strength must improve to secure more rebounds and defend the post better. Koval is an interesting add for a team looking for a mobile 7-footer.
2019-20 Averages 12.2 points 7.6 rebounds 1.5 assists 45.9 FG% 32.6 3pt%

Kobe King Wisconsin to Nebraska

King will bring toughness and versatility on both ends of the floor for Nebraska. He is a strong driver who can finish at the basket with his strong physicality. He can get to the middle of the lane for pull up jumpers and make a three here and there. King won’t demand the basketball offensively, but he will be very effective in doing the little things each possession. He’s a very solid defender who is consistently in a stance and is recognizing what the opponent can do. Also, the physicality he plays with prevents easy drives and contains the basketball consistently. Fred Hoiberg is getting a very solid well-rounded player in Kobe King.

Images Courtesy of, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Wichita State Athletics, Yahoo! Sports

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