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Top College Basketball Players for the 2021-2022 Season: 5-1

1. Drew Timme – Gonzaga

Timme had a sensational season being one of the most effective and efficient players in the country. Furthermore, Timme was extremely effective in ball screen action being elite in diving to the basket and the touch around the basket to finish. Next, he can be utilized in handoff scenarios where he can fake the handoff and take it all the way to the basket well. Continued, he is really good in transition with getting early post positioning and being getting rim run opportunities. His footwork on post-ups is as good as anyone in the country with the ability to operate quickly and effectively in the post. Now, the area in which he could get better is handling length and athleticism in the post with constant pressure. Therefore, is improvement in being more comfortable with the basketball will be a key factor for Timme. As for defensively, he needs to improve his ability to be out on the perimeter in ball screen actions especially. His improvement with mobility and positioning is necessary for Timme to improve defensively. Drew Timme will be one of the best players in college basketball looking to lead Gonzaga to a National Championship.

2. Johnny Juzang – UCLA

Juzang had a historic run in the NCAA tournament being an elite shot-maker leading UCLA to the Final 4. Now, he does a good job moving without the basketball getting in a great position to score the basketball. Continued, his size is really good allowing him to shoot over the top of defenders. Also, with the pace, he plays with not getting sped up. Next, he has the ability to attack 1v1 very effectively and being great off the dribble to get the shot he wants from the midrange and three. Furthermore, he is really good off the catch as a shooter in the half-court and in transition. The confidence he continued to play throughout the NCAA tournament was impressive and delivered in big moments. He can utilize his size by posting up smaller guards and has the footwork to make shots in the post with his back to the basket. The versatility of Juzang on and off the basketball makes him difficult to slow down and the shot-making is elite. As for defensively, he’s solid with having the size and brings good activity. He could bring more of an edge defensively especially on the basketball to be more effective. Johnny Juzang returning to UCLA he will be one of the best players in college basketball next season. Along with, looking to lead UCLA to a National Championship.

3. Trayce Jackson-Davis – Indiana

Jackson-Davis returning to Indiana is a major win for the start of the Mike Woodson era as he will be one of the best players in the country. Next, his skill set is very good with his touch and feel around the basket. Continued, he gets very good post positioning with the ability to get to either side of the rim finishing with ease. Furthermore, he is very good at ball screens with his mobility and playmaking above the rim with his athleticism. His activity on the offensive glass is greatly contributing to 2nd chance opportunities with his second jump ability. Additionally, he runs the floor hard in transition being a major factor as an outlet option. The skill level of Jackson-Davis is great and if he can further develop a jump shot he will be very difficult to slow down for defenses. Now defensively, his mobility defensively is good, and has the ability to alter shots at the rim. Further, his activity on the defensive glass is really good and impactful. Trayce Jackson-Davis will look to help Indiana return to the NCAA tournament and potentially be the best player in the Big Ten.
Indiana's Trayce Jackson-Davis to return for junior season - The Athletic

4. Chet Holmgren Gonzaga

Holmgren is going to be one of the best players in college basketball with his unique skill set. As well as, creating the best frontcourt in college basketball in combination with Drew Timme. Additionally, his impact defensively will be massive with his rim protection ability and the length he has matched with athleticism. Next, he will be able to add versatility offensively with his ability to handle the basketball like a guard and score the basketball. Continued, he will turn into a problem for defenses with his overall skill and size. Furthermore, the offense will be centered around Timme and allow Holmgren to be the second option which is extremely dangerous for opposing teams to handle. Chet Holmgren will be one of the best watches in college basketball and will be in pursuit of helping Gonzaga win a National Championship.

5. Hunter Dickinson Michigan

Dickinson had a tremendous freshman season with his ability to dominate the interior on the offensive and defensive end. Furthermore, Dickinson does a very good job of consistently getting good post positioning giving multiple efforts to be in a position to score. Next, he is really effective in handoff and ball screen action slipping or diving to the basket. Along with the ability to finish easily around the rim. Continued, he does a really good job of facing up in the post with great footwork to attack and finish effectively. Also, his touch around the basket is exceptional with his left hand with the ability to post on either block. The growth of utilizing his right hand and being that much more difficult to defend would improve his offensive capabilities. Additionally, the consistent effort Dickson brings pays off offensively and contributes to his production on the boards. As for defensively, Dickinson does a very good job in ball screen defense. As well as, being able to switch out on the perimeter when necessary doing a very good job. Next, his post defense is really good as well being able to contain the best bigs in the country. Therefore, with his physicality and shot-blocking ability. Hunter Dickinson will be one of the best players in college basketball looking to lead Michigan to another Big Ten title.

Images Courtesy of, Sporting News, The Athletic

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