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Top College Basketball Players for the 2021-2022 Season: 30-26

26. Alex Barcello BYU

Barcello is one of the best guards in the country with his ability to score basketball at a high level. Additionally, he is very good off the catch from three shooting 47.4%, and moves really effectively off the basketball. Continued, is really effective in ball screen action being able to snake or split ball screens to either get pull-up jumpers or getting to the basket. Furthermore, he has playmaking ability getting others involved with making strong reads averaging 4.3 assists. Next, the overall feel and control Barcello plays with the basketball are terrific. As well as, his skill set to make tough mid-range pull-up jumpers with pace and efficiency.

Barcello’s use in transition is very good coming off ball screens recognizing the floor to either hunt his shot or getting to the rim. As for defensively, he brings consistent effort on the basketball doing a solid job of containing the ball. Also, he uses his body well guarding the ball, he lacks the athleticism to guard at a higher level. Barcello will be one of the best players in college basketball with his offensive efficiency and skill set.

27. Keve Aluma Virginia Tech

Aluma had a terrific junior season for Virginia Tech leading the way as their interior presence with his scoring and rebounding ability. Furthermore, Aluma is really good at giving second effort opportunities on the offensive glass. Next, an area he could improve is his strength around the basket to finish through contact more consistently. Additionally, he is really active around the basket opening up on cuts and short-area jumpers are a strength of his. Continued, he has good touch around the basket going to his right hand with jump hooks. The mobility of Aluma is really useful in ball screens, cuts, and face-up opportunities with the skill to score the basketball.

Aluma is a major factor in Virginia Tech with setting the tone with his ability to remain active and score effectively in multiple ways. As for the defensive end, he brings good effort, however, he needs to improve his positioning to guard out on the perimeter. Aluma will be one of the best players in the ACC next season for Virginia Tech.

28. Ron Harper Jr. Rutgers

Harper Jr. had a very solid junior season for Rutgers showing development in his offensive game. Now, he brings the physicality to get to the basket well and finishes strong. Furthermore, he is a solid catch-and-shoot player from three shooting 31.0% from three. Continued, he rebounds effectively on both ends being able to take off with the basketball in transition as well. Next, he could improve his ability to make more jumpers off the dribble and creating separation. Additionally, he does a solid job of using ball screens to attack downhill and utilizing his size around the rim.

Also, he can be very good in transition as a trail position for three-point shooting opportunities and driving immediately from the slot areas. As for defensively, he brings the versatility to guard in the post and out on the perimeter. He brings good activity on the defensive end, however, he could improve his lateral movement on guards. Ron Harper Jr. will have a very good senior season for Rutgers.


29. Jaden Ivey Purdue

Ivey had a tremendous season and has the ability to be one of the best players in college basketball next season. Furthermore, his 3-point shot was only at 25.8% but showed the ability to improve it throughout the season and made big shots when necessary. Additionally, he does a really good job of running the floor in transition spotting up or pushing it with the basketball. Next, he has the size and physicality to get into the lane being able to finish effectively through contact. Continued, the dribble penetration against individual defense is good and he can break down the defense off the bounce. The growth in his game would be more efficient and being more consistent with his shooting.

The best aspect of Ivey is knowing when he needs to take over the game he is capable to do so from all three levels. His growth offensively will be vital to him reaching his potential as one of the best players in the country. As for defensively, he has the size and athleticism to continue to develop on that end. The consistency with positioning and locked-in an effort at crucial times would elevate him to another level of a defender. Jaden Ivey will be looking to lead Purdue to a Big Ten and a deep NCAA tournament run.

30. Andre Curbelo Illinois

Curbelo had a tremendous freshman season and is going to be one of the best players in college basketball moving forward. Now, Curbelo does a great job of getting into the lane with the ability to use footwork and manipulation to finish around the basket. Next, he is a maestro in ball screen action with the ability to distribute to others and get his shot in the mid-range area. Continued, he has the ability to make incredible plays, but he can also make massive mistakes it will imperative to find that balance and have a higher assist to turnover ratio. The pace of play by Curbelo is very good on the open floor, however, in the half-court, he must be more controlled to operate an offense efficiently.

For Curbelo, he must improve his ability to make perimeter jumpers as he shot 16.1% from three which will make him way easier to defend. Therefore, the improvement would make him even more lethal as a passer with his ability to enter the ball into the post at an elite level and find perimeter players. As for the defensive end, he brings a really good edge and activity on the basketball. Also, he has a deceptive length which can disrupt the ball handler he is guarding as well. Andre Curbelo has All-American potential as long as he develops a jumper and becomes even more efficient as a playmaker.

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