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Top Graduate Transfers

Seth Towns Harvard to Ohio State

Towns is a pretty good athlete with great size and can play inside or out. Furthermore, his face-up ability is very strong in the post and is good in one on one opportunities to just rise up to shoot from the perimeter. Also, his ball-handling is solid enough to get him good looks from the mid-range shooting over the top of defenders. His versatility makes him a very difficult matchup for teams to guard him. His isolation game is very effective. The post defense must get stronger so he can’t just get bullied in the post by bigger players. If he can be a more consistent defender he will be able to take advantage more in transition. Towns will be a terrific addition for Ohio State as long as he can stay healthy.
2017-18 Averages 16.0 points 5.7 rebounds 1.8 assists 41.9 FG% 44.1 3pt%

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Bryce Aiken Harvard

Aiken is undersized as a defender, but moves his feet very well and does a solid job defending the basketball. He will bring exceptional leadership and consistency to run a team at the point guard position. Further, he does a very good job of pushing the ball in transition and is always in great control. He is very good at ball screen situations, getting to the basket with his finishing ability. Next, he is a solid shooter from the mid-range and three. Lastly, he will give a high major team a great point guard to lead their team.
2019-20 Averages 16.7 points 1.9 rebounds 1.7 assists 41.2 FG% 36.1 3pt%

Justin Turner Bowling Green

Turner is a pure scorer who is very dangerous from the 3-point line in transition. He also attacks downhill in ball screen action finishing at the rim very well. Heb has very good size and can handle the basketball for a team as the secondary handler. The scoring ability Turner has will be a vital part of his next team’s success. He brings good size and activity on the defensive end, but his lateral movement at times is not great and causes him to be off-balance. Turner will be a priority add for high major teams.
2019-20 Averages 18.8 points 4.6 rebounds 2.5 assists 42.7 FG% 36.1 3pt%

Jordan Bruner Yale

Bruner has very good size and is a really good athlete. He’s an active rebounder who plays with really good energy. The offensive game is not polished and he has inconsistent finishes around the basket. He has the ability to stretch the defense with his decent 3-point shooing. Bruner can run the floor very well in transition in could be very dangerous in that aspect. He also has the ability to face up and attack. His passing ability is not very good and he must limit mistakes. His length can cause problems for teams around the basket altering shots, but his struggles at times to get out on shooters. Bruner will give a high major team strong energy and rebounding ability on both ends.
2019-20 Averages 10.9 points 9.2 rebounds 3.8 assists 44.3 FG% 32.3 3pt%

Mike Smith Columbia

Smith is an average defender on the basketball and gives good energy on the ball, but lacks the ability to stay in front consistently. Also, off the ball, he is not very active defensively. Smith is quick with the basketball consistently looking to penetrate and get to the basket or get to the elbow area where he is very effective. He’s a high volume shooter that will take highly contested shots. The first step he brings gives him the ability to get dribble penetration consistently. Smith will give a team a scoring guard and a high volume shooter who can push the pace. Smith is an average defender with good enough size and active on the perimeter.
2019-20 Averages 22.8 points 4.1 rebounds 4.5 assists 43.2 FG% 34.1 3pt%

Patrick Tape Columbia

Tape brings solid size with the ability to cut around the basket well and to stretch the defense with a pick and pop ability. Also, he operates well in the high post with his ability to face up and attack. In addition, he’s diving very well in pick and roll situations with finishing around the basket. He is very strong will posting up on the low blocks and is extremely active in demanding the basketball. Defensively, he brings toughness and does a decent job in mismatches guarding the basketball on the perimeter. Tape, will bring toughness inside for a high major team and be a solid contributor.
2018-19 Averages 11.3 points 5.9 rebounds 1.4 assists 66.7 FG%

Image result for kevin marfo quinnipiacKevin Marfo Quinnipiac

Marfo is physical inside and will bring solid interior defense consistently. Also, he does a solid job of contesting shots around the perimeter and in the mid-post area. Next, his very smooth inside offensively with his athleticism and ability to finish around the basket. He’s active on the offensive glass is very good at finishing second chance opportunities. The footwork around the basket is very solid with him finishing at difficult angles. Marfo will bring good toughness and active on both ends, especially on the boards.
2019-20 Averages 10.2 points 13.3 rebounds 1.9 assists 48.4 FG%

E.J. Anosike Sacred Heart

Anosike brings solid physicality and rebounding ability on the defensive end. He does a solid job of getting out on the perimeter to the defender. Anosike is a very physical player while posting up and gets very good positioning. He also has the ability to face up and attack decently. His touch around the basket is solid and has solid footwork for spin and jump hooks in the post. The overall rebounding and inside scoring Anosike brings will be key to whatever team he will be going to.
2019-20 Averages 15.7 points 11.6 rebounds 1.7 assists 48.4 FG% 25.0 3pt%

Rich Kelly Quinnipiac

Kelly is very effective in pick and roll with a good feel to distribute and being in a scoring position. He’s a crafty finisher around the basket and is really smooth with his decision making. The athleticism is lacking, but his overall feel can make up for some of those deficiencies. Kelly is a well-rounded offensive player that makes himself and others better. Lastly, Kelly will be an offensive playmaker for a high major team.
2019-20 Averages 16.7 points 2.5 rebounds 4.5 assists 42.3 FG% 39.6 3pt%

Amauri Hardy UNLV

Hardy is a scorer with the ability to shoot the basketball very well from the perimeter. He also has the ability to get to the middle of the lane and finish towards the basket. He’s an attacking guard look to get his shot and can draw contact going to the basket. The slashing ability of Hardy will be an aspect that is key in adding to his ability to score the basketball. Next, he brings good size on the perimeter defensively and with his length he can guard multiple positions. Hardy will be a solid contributor for his next team.
2019-20 Averages 14.5 points 3.3 rebounds 3.3 assists 40.9 FG% 33.3 3pt%

Kobe Webster Western Illinois to Nebraska

Webster is a supreme scorer and can score from many different areas on the floor. He can come off of handoffs with the ability to shoot the basketball with a quick trigger. Also, he is very comfortable in one vs. one situations as well as using ball screen action. He’s effective off the basketball as well coming off of screens being shot ready. Webster doesn’t bring great energy on the defensive end, which can lead to him not getting out on shooters and drives to the basket. Also, the inability to be in a defensive stance consistently doesn’t bode well for his defensive ability. If Webster would become a more willing passer it could open up his offensive game. Webster will provide Nebraska with a major cult of scoring next season.
2019-20 Averages 17.1 points 3.2 rebounds 3.6 assists 41.7 FG% 33.3 3pt%

Images Courtesy of, Detroit Free Press, Quinnipiac Athletics, Zagsblog

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