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Top 20 College Basketball Small Forwards for the 2019-2020 Season: 20-11

Top 20 College Basketball Small Forwards for the 2019-2020 Season: 20-11

11. Elijah Hughes-Syracuse

Hughes is a very well rounded scorer with the ability to shoot from three at a very high level. He also has the ability to put the ball down and get to the basket. He’s a great spot shooter with great form and consistency. Further, he can push the ball in transition and get his look without much help. Offensively Hughes is a very good bucket getter with really good consistency. He has really good length on defense and contests extremely well. Hughes is a great fit in the 2-3 zone and is a high-level scorer.

12. Keyonte Johnson-Florida

Johnson is an offensive threat that can extend the defense with the ability to shoot. Can get to the basket effectively a very good cutter loves attacking with the left hand. If he can get stronger, he will be able to get to the basket at will and be able to defend at a higher level. He needs better positioning on defense and along with his lack of lateral movement, it hurts his ability to help and recover. Johnson and Scottie Lewis will create a dynamic wing for Florida.

13. Emmitt Williams-LSU

Williams brings really good athleticism and he dives to the basket very well. Also, he has good touch around the basket and brings a solid jump hook. Further, he can put the ball on the ground and get to his spots around the basket. His overall activity around the basket is really good and he brings efficiency. Williams must continue to build his body to be able to guard physically in the post. Also, he does bring good activity and the ability to hedge and recover well. He must become a more complete scorer and offensive threat with continued strength for his defense.

14. Saddiq Bey-Villanova

Image result for saddiq bey villanovaBey can hit perimeter jumpers and rebounds very well. Further, Bey spaces the floor well and needs to be able to attack the basket at a higher rate. He is very capable of taking the next step offensively, as there is a need for more offense with the loss of Eric Paschall and Phil Booth. Bey brings versatility defensively, as he has good size and length matched with speed and athleticism. He can guard 1-4  who can become a very good defender.


15. Khalil Whitney-Kentucky

Whitney will bring really good athleticism and strength to Kentucky’s wing. Further, he has the ability to score at all three levels consistently. He runs the floor well in transition and can finish on his own ability. Next, he needs to do a better job of taking care of the basketball. His length and athleticism give him a good chance to be a solid defender. Also, he rebounds the ball well for his position.

16. Tres Tinkle-Oregon State

Tinkle moves without the ball really well with good size. He gets to his spots in the paint and has good touch around the basket. He’s a solid ball-handler who can go in transition and operates well in ball screen action with making decisions. The versatility on offense he brings is very solid. Tinkle will close out hard and has decent quickness on defense. Further, he gets in a good help side position and does a very good job of recovering.

17. Rex Pflueger-Notre Dame

Pflueger shoots the ball really well, especially when spotting up. He’s sneaky athletic, moving without the ball well and runs well in transition. Also, his first step is deceptively quick and always helps him to attack the basket strong. The activity he brings on offense makes him a really complete scorer as a shooter and driver. His lateral quickness isn’t great defensively and his overall strength as a defender isn’t good. Pflueger will look to have a strong bounce-back season off of his season-ending injury.

18. L.J. Figueroa-St. John’s

Related imageFigueroa is a solid driver with good touch around the basket and he has a good floater. He’s a really good cutter and finishes well around the basket with his touch and athleticism. His athleticism is really good and he also has the ability to hit perimeter jumpers. Further, his overall skill set could take the next step, with becoming a better ball handler and a more consistent shooter. Next, he’s really good in transition along with having good body control getting to his spots. He brings good length and athleticism defensively, but he gets caught out of position and lacks great lateral quickness to stay in front. His movement defensively needs to be more sound to become a better defender.


19. Nahziah Carter-Washington

Carter has great size, length and athleticism. He moves his feet very well and in the 2-3 zone, he can make it very difficult to reverse the ball. He has the capability to attack the basket strong. Also, he can shoot the three pretty well in spot-up situations. He could improve on being smoother with the basketball and improved ball-handling to elevate his game. Carter has a high ceiling with his athleticism.

20. Patrick Williams-Florida State

Williams will have the ability to develop into a very good three-point shooter quickly. He has the ability to score off the dribble well and get to his spots. Further, he does a solid job of blocking shots on drivers. He’s a solid athlete who plays with a good IQ. Williams could develop into a more consistent passer for others to go along with his scoring ability. Williams has a chance to develop quickly on the offensive end.


Images Courtesy of, New York Post, Syracuse University Athletics, Villanova Athletics

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