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Top 20 College Basketball Shooting Guards for the 2020-2021 Season: 20-11

11. Mitch Ballock Creighton

Ballock is possibly the best shooter in college basketball and requires major attention from defenders. Furthermore, he is very lethal in transition with his ability to spot up for threes. His ability to move without the basketball in the half-court is exceptional with his shot-making and quick release. Moreover, his shot preparation off the catch and dribble is sensational, as he is always in control and getting quality looks. His ability to make shots all over the perimeter makes him a unique and major factor for Creighton’s offensive success. He could become a better player with the basketball for dribble penetration and driving opportunities. Now defensively, he’s not very strong on this end, as he’s not a great athlete and can struggle to guard the ball. He brings good effort but lacks the athleticism and size to be a quality defender. Ballock is a pure shooter will continue to be a dangerous threat offensively for Creighton.

Justin Moore - Men's Basketball - Villanova University Athletics

12. Justin Moore Villanova

Moore fits into Villanova’s offensive style and culture extremely well. He’s got very good size and contributes very well on the boards for a guard and can pass effectively. Next, he moves without the basketball very well and can make the catch and shoot threes effectively. Further, he plays with great ball control and is very good in transition and the half-court getting to his spots. His size allows him to post up smaller guards effectively and he can make fade-away jumpers. Moore could limit his turnovers at times by not trying to make the extra play a bit too much. Moore can be very effective in ball screen situations getting to the basket with his size. If Moore can drive more consistently he will take the next step as a complete scorer. As for the defensive end, he has solid use of hands and moves pretty well. He’s not a great on-ball defender, but he does a solid job and is not a liability. Moore will be a part of possibly the best perimeter in the country next season at Villanova.

13. Terrance Clarke Kentucky

Clarke will be another elite freshman added to the perimeter of Kentucky joining the backcourt with B.J. Boston and Devin Askew. Furthermore, he is very long and athletic which should allow him to cause havoc on the defensive end. He is really good in the open floor with his vision and ability to be a really good passer. Next, he is capable of being a three-level scorer in time with the continued shot improving. Clarke is an extremely talented player who has the ability to flourish in the Kentucky system.

14. Jordan Bohannon Iowa

Bohannon brings great shot-making ability and is one of the best clutch shooters in all of college basketball. Furthermore, he does a tremendous job of using ball screens to pull up for threes effectively. Next, he has a really good feel in transition and will hunt for his shot with the extended range he has. Furthermore, he is very good at the basketball with his ability to move and get open consistently. He is also able to attack very quickly when he gets the basketball. Additionally, he is capable of getting to the basket and can finish when there is separation he must improve his ability to consistently get downhill. Defensively, he must improve the activity off the ball and containing the ball more consistently. Bohannon will be apart of a dynamic backcourt at Iowa with CJ Frederick and Joe Toussaint if Bohannon stays healthy he will be one of the best players in the Big Ten.

15. Trent Frazier Illinois

Frazier is a scoring guard with the ability to make big shots. He’s got the ability to play on and off the basketball especially being ready to shoot off the ball. Next, he can be a very effective player in transition with his shooting ability and can attack the rim well. Furthermore, he’s a guard who hunts his shot and that can lead to more shots at the time he needs to improve his shot selection next season. Additionally, he’s got the ability to create off the dribble for mid-range jumpers and doesn’t need much space to get a shot off. Frazier will be the lead guard if Ayo Dosunmu doesn’t return next season. On the defensive end, he brings good effort with really active hands. Also, he moves his feet well on the ball has solid physicality. Frazier will be one of the better guards in the Big Ten next season.

16. Wendell Moore Duke

Moore brings good athleticism and the ability to be versatile on the offensive and defensive end. Also, he is very good in transition whether he is pushing the ball to the basket or running for a layup or dunk to the basket. He brings really good activity on the offensive boards contributing to second-chance opportunities. Furthermore, he must become more efficient offensively with not forcing drivers and becoming a more consistent shooter. His improvement as a shooter will allow him to take the next steps as an offensive threat. Moore brings really good toughness throughout and defensively he brings good activity on the boards. He has solid length and size doing an effective job on and off the basketball. Moore has major potential to develop into a dynamic player for Duke if he becomes a more well rounded offensively.

Wisconsin guard Brad Davison suspended one game for flagrant foul ...17. Brad Davison Wisconsin

Davison plays the game with great passion and intensity with the ability to make tough shots. His ability to make the catch and shoot threes is very solid and he can create his own shot off the dribble. Also, he’s best suited to play off the ball as he moves well and gets better scoring opportunities. His overall shot selection could improve to make him a more efficient scorer. Additionally, he could look for more opportunities to drive the basketball at times. Davison is a very solid offensive player who plays with a great competitive spirit. As for defensively, he doesn’t have great strength or quickness so he can struggle to stay in front of the basketball. He must improve on the defensive end especially guarding the ball. Davison is a very solid player and will be a major part of Wisconsin looking to win the Big Ten.

18. CJ Frederick Iowa

Frederick has very good shot-making ability from the mid-range and three consistently. He does a very good moving without the basketball setting himself up for a drive or perimeter jumper. He’s great with coming off of screens being in attack position and can make shots off the catch and dribble. Continued, he brings a really solid toughness to Iowa by having very good feel with and without the basketball. Frederick does a solid job of getting to the mid-range for good shot opportunities. An area of improvement for Frederick could be his ability to get to the rim more consistently and finish stronger. Otherwise, he is terrific on or off the basketball and will be a great backcourt duo with Jordan Bohannon. On the defensive end, he has solid size and is constantly communicating on everything as well containing the ball very well. His toughness and energy defensively are very solid. Frederick will be apart of a Final Four type team for Iowa if Luka Garza returns next season.

19. Josiah Jordan-James Tennessee

Jordan-James has very good size and can get to the basket at times, but he must improve his ball security to limit his turnovers. He can make open shots from the perimeter but must improve his overall shooting to become a more consistent shooter. Furthermore, he should become a very good driver in isolated situations as well as in ball screens to get downhill consistently. The potential is all there for Jordan-James offensively, he just needs to improve his skill set to be a dynamic threat for Tennessee on the perimeter. Now defensively, he has really good size and does a good job when he is engaged. If he can consistently bring it he will be very good defensively. Also, the size will allow him to defend drivers effectively. Jordan-James has a ton of potential to be the lead guard for Tennessee next season.

20. Myreon Jones Penn State

Jones battled through illnesses during the season, however, when he was on the court he was one of the best guards in the Big Ten. He has really good size and does a solid job of getting to the basket consistently in ball screens finishing effectively. Furthermore, his shot-making from deep off the dribble and catch is really good having the confidence to make tough shots. Also, he is always a threat in the transition to make shots and plays happen on a consistent basis. Additionally, if he can improve his overall strength he will be a true three-level scorer being very hard to guard. His overall feel is really good and he should elevate into one of the best guards in all of the college basketball if he can stay on the court. On the defensive end, he brings good activity on and off the ball and keeps active hands to get tipped passes. Jones will be a major reason why Penn State will be in contention to make it to the NCAA tournament next season.

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