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Top 20 College Basketball Shooting Guards for the 2021-2022 Season: 10-1

1. Johnny Juzang UCLA

Juzang had a historic run in the NCAA tournament being an elite shot-maker leading UCLA to the Final 4. Now, he does a good job moving without the basketball getting in a great position to score. Continued, his size is really good allowing him to shoot over the top of defenders, and with the pace. Next, he can attack 1v1 very effectively and be great off the dribble to get the shot he wants from the midrange and three. Furthermore, he is really good off the catch as a shooter in the half-court and transition. Additionally, the confidence he continued to play throughout the NCAA tournament was impressive and delivered in big moments. Also, he can utilize his size by posting up smaller guards and has the footwork to make shots in the post with his back to the basket. The versatility of Juzang on and off the basketball makes him difficult to slow down and the shot-making is elite. As for defensively, he’s solid with having the size and brings good activity. He could bring more of an edge defensively especially on the basketball to be more effective. Johnny Juzang is testing NBA draft waters if he returns he will be one of the best players in college basketball next season and looking to lead UCLA to a National Championship.

2. Ochai Agbaji Kansas

Agbaji had a very good junior season showing major growth in his game being the go-to option offensively. Next, he showed the ability to be a great catch and shoot three-point shooter in the half-court as well as a transition at 37.3% from three. Also, he does a good job of moving without the basketball getting into scoring areas effectively. Additionally, he is really good off the dribble with getting penetration for mid-range jumpers and finishes strong around the basket. The ability for Agbaji to be a three-level scorer with his size and shooting makes him a very difficult matchup for defenders. Continued, Agbaji’s ability to play on the open floor is great with the attacking and shooting ability. The area Agbaji could become a greater factor would be on the boards on both ends of the floor. Now defensively, he’s very good on the perimeter with his on-ball pressure and size. The effort for Agbaji defensively is consistently there and his activity matched with physical traits makes him a lockdown perimeter defender. Ochai Agbaji will have a tremendous Senior season for Kansas next season.

3. Duane Washington Jr. Ohio State

Washington Jr. had a very good Junior season showing his ability to score the basketball at a high level. First off, he plays with good physicality and drives the basketball hard to the rim with good finishing. Next, he’s good at creating off the dribble to get separation from his defenders to make shots from the midrange and the three-point line. Furthermore, he does a really good job of moving without the basketball to get open off of screens and handoffs to score effectively. Continued, his shot-making ability from three is impressive at 37.4% especially with the amount of volume for Washington Jr. Additionally, he’s effective in transition with being a threat with the basketball as a shot-maker and spotting up on the perimeter as well. Washington Jr. uses ball screens very well being able to attack mismatches off the dribble with ease. Now defensively, he brings good effort and does a very solid job on the basketball. His overall size and athleticism limit the potential Washington Jr. impact defensively. Duane Washington Jr. will be one of the best guards in the country if he returns to Ohio State.

4. Jaden Shackleford Alabama

Shackleford had another strong season for Alabama in his sophomore season being part of their dynamic offense. First off, Shackleford has the ability to play on and off the basketball. Next, his shot-making from the perimeter is really good with 34.2% from three especially off the catch. The improvement for Shackleford would be his consistency in making plays off the dribble with more control and limiting turnovers. Additionally, he is a major threat in transition as a spot shooter from the perimeter. Further, he is capable of getting downhill to the basket and when he gets there finishes well, his ball skills to get to the rim are the next step in his game. The best ability of Shackleford is playing off the basketball being able to get in the position to be the shot maker he is. As for defensively, he needs to improve his activity off the basketball being a better help defender. Also, his activity on the basketball needs to take the next step forward to be a better perimeter defender. Jaden Shackleford will be one of the best scorers in college basketball next season.

5. Eli Brooks Michigan

Brooks had a very good season for Michigan being very productive on the offensive and defensive end. Furthermore, Brooks elevated his game as a scorer being able to get to the mid-range and basket effectively off the bounce with head fakes and footwork. Next, he has very good finishing ability around the rim his soft touch on drives. Also, Brooks is really good from the perimeter especially off the catch shooting 39.6% from three. Additionally, he plays with great feel and body control being able to make plays in the lane effectively, and has the ability to be a good distributor for others. Continued, he plays with good physicality being able to attack opposing guards effectively. The overall efficiency and productivity of Brooks are really good being a major key for Michigan’s success. As for defensively, he is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country against the opposing team’s best guards. Further, he plays with really good activity and physicality on the basketball. Eli Brooks will be one of the best players in the Big Ten looking to lead Michigan towards a deep NCAA tournament run.
Return of The Muffin: Eli Brooks' Fifth Year Huge For Michigan Wolverines Basketball

6. Aaron Wiggins Maryland

Wiggins had a very solid Junior season for Maryland becoming a more consistent player with his scoring ability. Next, Wiggins has really good size to get his shot over defenders and moves very well off the basketball. Furthermore, his ability to read coming off the screens is really good in terms of creating space to get his shot off. Additionally, his ability to make perimeter jumpers off the catch is really solid at 35.6% from three. The area he continues to improve in would be his ability to make shots off the dribble. Also, his size allows him to use his physicality to get to the basket effectively and can continue to improve his finish ability. He’s a factor as well on the boards with his rebounding ability and can be a playmaker at times. As for defensively, he’s solid with his size being able to guard well on the perimeter. He could be a greater factor on this end with containing the ball basketball more effectively. Aaron Wiggins will be one of the best guards in the Big Ten and looking to win a Big Ten title.

7. Caleb Mills Florida State

Caleb Mills will be looking to be a difference-maker for the Florida State offense next season. Mills has really good and able to be a scoring threat from all three levels. Next, he has a very good feel off the dribble and is most effective scoring in the mid-range. Also, in the mid-range, he really likes to go into fadeaways and runners his overall efficiency must improve. His ability to attack off the dribble is really good with the ability to finish with great control. Furthermore, his ability to go at defenders 1v1 is really good, but he needs to improve his movement without the basketball. Further, his three-point shooting is effective, however, his ability to speed up his shot will allow him to take the next step. As for defensively, his commitment to be a better defender will be key at Florida State especially with the way they consistently defend. Additionally, he needs to improve his urgency on and off the basketball to a leap defensively. Florida State is getting a talented scorer who will bring needed offense and be one of ACC’s best guards.

8. Josh Primo Alabama

Primo showed flashes of his potential to be very good among the loaded Alabama perimeter. Next, he has the size and athleticism which makes him a dynamic driver to the basket. Furthermore, he is really dangerous in transition with his speed on the open floor and ability to shoot from three at 38.1%. Continued, he does a good job without the basketball getting open on the perimeter ready to shoot and score the basketball. Additionally, his athleticism allows him to make difficult contested drives and being able to rebound very well as well. The potential for Primo is very high and if he can improve his ability with basketball he will be one of the best players in college basketball. Primo’s a perfect fit within the Alabama offense and tempo to be successful. As for defensively, he is really engaged on and off the basketball combined with his length makes him really effective. Also, he does a great job of communicating and applies really good ball pressure consistently. Josh Primo is going to be one of the best two-way players in college basketball.

9. Taz Sherman West Virginia

Sherman had a very good season for West Virginia being a lead scoring threat on and off the basketball. Next, Sherman has a quick shot release from the perimeter shooting 35.9%. Also, he is effective in transition with the ability to take it all the way to rim with his size and finishing ability. Continued, he does a good job of spacing the floor remaining active off the basketball, and being shot ready. Furthermore, he has the ability to attack defenders 1v1 effectively off the bounce getting mid-range jumpers and to the rim. Additionally, his ability to continually attack off the dribble and having the scoring mentality makes him one of the best scorers in the country. As for the defensive end, he brings good activity on the basketball but could contain the basketball at a higher level. Also, he has the ability to utilize his length off the basketball well. Taz Sherman will be one of the best players in the Big 12 next season and be a part of a dynamic backcourt with Deuce McBride.
West Virginia guard Taz Sherman Shows Out in Front of Family - Sports Illustrated West Virginia Mountaineers News, Analysis and More

10. Trent Frazier Illinois

Frazier had a very solid season for Illinois and will have an increased role on the offensive end with the departure of Ayo Dosunmu. Next, he brings a scorer’s mentality from the performer being very good off the catch in transition and the half court at 36.2% from three. Also, he is very quick with the basketball being able to effectively create his own shot off the dribble. Furthermore, of the basketball, he is really solid as a cutter with the energy he plays with. Continued, he has the ability to get downhill with the ability to finish, however, he could be more consistent around the basket. Frazier will need to be the go-to guy offensively for Illinois and should have a massive season offensively. Now defensively, he is solid being active on the basketball and containing drives. As well as, being an active defender of the basketball and having a good length. Trent Frazier will be one of the best guards in the Big Ten next season for Illinois.

Images Courtesy of, Los Angeles Daily News, Sports Illustrated, The Wolverine

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