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Top 20 College Basketball Power Forwards for the 2020-2021 Season: 10-1

1. Sam Hauser Virginia

Hauser is a very smooth, well-rounded shooter. He is a catch and shoot machine from deep and coming off of screens, opening to the perimeter. Further, he can come off of curls for mid-range jumpers and make them very effectively. In addition, he has the ability to post up in the mid-post and face-up with ease. His ability to play off the ball is very good with his movement to get open. Also, his back to the basket game is very solid with jump hooks. Hauser is an offensive piece that Tony Bennett will rely on heavily and will be a perfect fit for their offensive concepts. On the defensive end, he will be solid with his size and ability to move his feet guarding the perimeter. Also, the length is good enough where is disrupt shots and drivers. Hauser will be a valuable addition to Virginia this upcoming season and be an All-American candidate.

BREAKING: Keyontae Johnson returning to Florida | GatorCountry.com2. Keyontae Johnson Florida

Johnson had an exceptional season being very efficient on the offensive end. He has the ability to be very good in transition getting to the basket or spotting up as a shooter. Also, he has great size and does a good job of getting to the basket. Additionally, his strength and size make him a very tough cover and he’s very solid making shots off the dribble. Further, he plays well off the ball as a cutter and spotting up for shots. His overall versatility and ability to attack mismatches are really good. He rebounds the basketball very well on both ends of the floor. Johnson is as complete of any scorer in the SEC and country with the ability to be an All-American-type player this season. Now defensively, he’s really physical and does a good job of getting out the perimeter to contest shots. Also, he brings the versatility to guard multiple positions. Johnson is going to be one of the best players in college basketball next season.

3. Drew Timme Gonzaga

Timme is the next great Gonzaga big man and will be one of the best interior players in the country next season. His ability to run the floor is very good as he’s dangerous in transition as the rim runner. Also, he’s extremely active in the half-court on the blocks and in the high post area. Furthermore, he has really good hands around the basket to be a dominant low post scorer. His duck-in ability and jump hook capabilities around the basket are great and make him an effective scorer. The area where Timme could improve is his shooting to be able to extend the defense even more. Timme is a very complete offensive post player with great mobility and feel that makes him an extremely tough matchup. As for the defensive end, he does a solid job of containing the basket and can guard on the perimeter if need be. Also, he does an effective job on the defensive glass but could improve his strength to deal with stronger big men. Timme will be one of the best interior players in the country for Gonzaga and in a position to win a National Championship.

4. Aamir Simms Clemson

Simms brings really good versatility and athleticism for Clemson. He moves really well for a guy with his size and can be very effective in ball screen situations either diving or popping out to the perimeter, as well as have the skill to face up on the high post or baseline to shoot or attack effectively. Furthermore, he brings good toughness inside and finishes well on post-ups with the ability to go to different moves quickly. His three-point shooting is a big aspect of his game as he forces other frontcourt players to guard him out on the perimeter. His athleticism and ability to make plays with the ball make him very difficult to contain and match up against. He’s also an effective rebounder on both ends of the floor. Now, defensively he brings good size and toughness but he can struggle to close out on shooters at times. He moves his feet well and gives good length on the ball his versatility is key. Simms will be an all ACC player next season.

5. Garrison Brooks North Carolina

Brooks had a very good season and was a really good scoring threat for North Carolina. Next, he’s really effective as a rim runner and gets very good positioning in the post. Furthermore, he’s a solid rebounder and contributes effectively to the glass and finishing second chance opportunities. Also, he has good touch around the basket and is pretty good with his footwork. He’s not very quick and has some limitations athletically. Additionally, he had very solid hands and will force double teams on a consistent basis. The drop step is his best move. He will be in a really good frontcourt with Armando Bacot. As for defensively, he’s not very solid with his inability to move that well. He doesn’t have great positioning and strength to be a solid defender. Brooks will be one of the best big men in the country next season.

6. Trendon Watford LSU

Watford brings solid athleticism and versatility from the forward position for LSU. Next, he can be a threat from three and be effective getting to the basket against forwards who can’t stay with him. Also, he can push the ball himself in transition with the capabilities to get to the basket and distribute it. Furthermore, he can be activated off the basketball and sets up cuts for good looks around the basket and in the high post area. The overall versatility offensively he brings for LSU is the main reason he can continue to develop into a more complete offensive threat. Now defensively, he must improve his ability to defend off the basketball and be balanced while in help to be in a position to contain the basketball. Therefore, he must get better in defending the ball especially with the length he has. Watford should be a more primary option for LSU offensively next season and take a major step forward in his development. Watford declared for the NBA draft with the option to return.

7. Mark Vital Baylor

Vital is a perfect fit in what Scott Drew and his program want. His overall toughness and versatility defensively are exceptional. He’s the ultimate glue guy who will contribute to winning in any aspect for the team, as he’s one of the best all-around contributors in the country. Furthermore, he runs the floor hard and can be a factor in transition. He rebounds exceptionally well even though he’s undersized. He’s a non-offensive threat with the inability to really shoot or have the ball skills to attack, that’s the area he must improve in. Additionally, he will score on second-chance opportunities and any loose ball is going to be Vital’s. Vital’s offensive game needs to work to be somewhat of a factor for them in the scoring department. Now defensively, he’s elite with the ability to guard all positions and give tremendous effort on each position. The ability for him to guard the ball with ease then be able to guard any big very well is extremely impressive. Vital is super important to the success of Baylor and will look to be part of a National Championship team next season.

8. Trayce Jackson-Davis Indiana

Jackson-Davis moves very well around the basket and has very good athleticism. His ability to just go get the basketball on post entries is really good and his second jump ability is exceptional. Next, he’s got really good hands and touch around the basket with the ability to finish around the basket consistently. Furthermore, his footwork is very good around the basket and can get by people on a consistent basis. Additionally, an area of improvement for Jackson-Davis is facing up and extending his range to the mid-range and possibly three-point range to be a more versatile scorer. He’s a great rebounder and has very good energy around the basket. As for defensively, Jackson-Davis can provide rim protection at times but also can struggle to stay in front on switches from the perimeter. Added strength will help to defend the post. Jackson-Davis will be one of the best players in the Big Ten next season.

9. Nate Reuvers Wisconsin

Reuvers is a very solid stretch four who is also effective around the basket. Furthermore, he is a solid rebounder and contributes to key second chance opportunities. He is a great three-point shooter. Additionally, he has the ability to face up and attack off the bounce and shoot over the top for mid-range jumpers effectively. He’s not quick getting open for the ball but gets in good positioning on cuts and spaces the floor to get open opportunities. His strength around the basket must improve. Also, his hands might be his best skill as they are very sound is always ready to shoot the basketball. As for defensively, he does a very solid job of containing the ball on the perimeter and provides some rim protection. His strength could improve to guard the post better but his ability to move is very solid. Reuvers will be one of the best frontcourt players in the Big Ten next season.

10. Franz Wagner Michigan

Wagner has great size and versatility on the offensive end for Michigan. His mobility and ability to space the floor with his shot-making on catch and shoot opportunities is very solid. Additionally, his cutting ability around the basket is good and he can be great in ball screen action attacking the rim well. He has great ball skills and the ability to go in transition taking it to coast to coast. Wagner is very good with basketball with the ability to attack mismatches stretching the defense to the perimeter or by attacking the basket. If Wagner’s offensive game continues to develop he will be one of the best players in the Big Ten. As for the defensive end, his ability to defend the perimeter must improve. Also, he lacks great quickness to contain the basketball. Wagner will be one of the best players in the Big Ten next season.


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