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Top 20 College Basketball Point Guards for the 2021-2022 Season: 10-1

1. Miles McBride West Virginia

McBride is one of the best guards in the country with his scoring ability and attacking nature. First off, McBride plays with a physicality with a great ability to get downhill with the ability to finish strong at the rim and gets there directly with the finishing very well. Continued, he showed major growth in his game with his three-point shooting at 41.4% off the catch and dribble especially well. Furthermore, he is extremely effective in transition with his speed on the open floor, along with his finishing and passing ability. Additionally, he has the ability to pull up in transition really well from the midrange being difficult to contain. The physicality McBride plays with makes it very difficult for opposing guards to defend him effectively. Also, the playmaking for McBride has taken the next forward being a good distributor handling point guard duties. He plays the game with great confidence and has the ability to make shots in the game’s biggest moments. Now defensively, he brings very good ball pressure and the toughness is very good. As well as, having a great motor on and off the basketball disrupting opposing guards. Miles McBride is one of the best players in the country and if he returns to West Virginia they will be in Big 12 contention to win the league.

2. Collin Gillespie Villanova

Gillespie had a great Senior season until his season was cut short due to a Torn MCL and now will look to return Villanova to a Final Four. Furthermore, he brings the Villanova identity with being great with the basketball-playing under great control. As well as, being able to get into the lane on jump stops to make shots and distribute to others. Additionally, he does a great job of posting up guards for scoring opportunities or passing out of the post. Next, he’s a really good shot-maker from the perimeter off the catch at 37.6% from three. Continued, he’s a good distributor to others, however, he could continue to elevate in that area to be more dynamic with the basketball. His movement on the perimeter is really good with spacing the floor and being shot ready at all times. Also, he is solid in transition to make plays on the perimeter and get others involved. Now defensively, he could be more effective on the basketball with his lateral movement. As well as, being more active in basketball. Collin Gillespie will be one of the best players in college basketball attempting to lead Villanova to a National Championship.

3. Jahvon Quinerly Alabama

Quinerly had a very good sophomore season for Alabama fitting in perfectly with the style of play. Now, the biggest change for Quinerly was his shooting ability from three at 43.3% of the dribble and catch effectively. Next, he is very good off the dribble creating space for his shot and ability to get to the basket with ease. Furthermore, he has a really good feel in ball screens with the ability to use them to get downhill to the basket. Continued, his finishing around the basket is really good with his use of hands being able to make difficult drives. Additionally, the hand use of either hand is impressive from Quinerly and makes him very efficient around the basket. Continued, the area he could have greater growth would be a playmaker for others being their primary Point Guard. Also, he has the capabilities to be dynamic in transition with the basketball with the pace he plays with. As for defensively, he brings good effort on the basket and has solid positioning. He could become even more active in basketball and force turnovers to offense more often. Jahvon Qunierly will be one of the most dynamic players in college basketball next season.
Jahvon Quinerly - Men's Basketball - University of Alabama Athletics

4. Jose Alvarado Georgia Tech

Alvarado led Georgia Tech to one of the best seasons in program history winning the ACC tournament title. Next, he is very efficient from the field at 50.4% being able to get to the basket at a high rate with great skill and footwork. Also, he does a really good job of operating 1v1 getting to the midrange well, and makes jumpers consistently. Furthermore, he plays with a really good pace on and off the basketball whether coming off of hands-off or cutting to the basket. Continued, he is a very solid shooter from the perimeter at 39.0% either off the catch or dribble. His overall effectiveness in the Princeton offense for Georgia Tech is very good with the energy he plays with. As for the defensive end, he is a solid defender in the multitude of defenses Georgia Tech will go to. The activity and energy are there which makes him pretty good on the basketball. Jose Alvarado will be one of the best guards in the ACC next season.

5. Will Richardson Oregon

Richardson had a very solid junior season despite missing a good portion of it with a broken wrist. Furthermore, his shot-making ability is really good from the perimeter at 40.3%. Next, he has the ability to attack in transition and can get all the way to the basket effectively. Additionally, he has a really good feel with the basketball allowing him to attack effectively and get into the lane with great control. As well as, being able to play through contact at the rim constantly getting back to his left hand. Also, he is really solid in ball screen action looking to score the basketball and being a very solid distributor. Continued, he is good on the boards for a guard and sets the pace well in transition. Furthermore, he plays well off the basketball being a constant threat as a shooter and driving the basketball. Now defensively, he is solid on the basketball with good activity and has solid size. He could improve his activity off the basketball being more engaged and forcing turnovers. Will Richardson will be one of the best guards in college basketball entering next season.

6. Jaden Ivey Purdue

Ivey had a tremendous season and has the ability to be one of the best players in college basketball next season. Furthermore, his 3pt shot was only at 25.8% but showed the ability to improve it throughout the season and made big shots when necessary. Additionally, he does a really good job of running the floor in transition spotting up or pushing it with the basketball. Next, he has the size and physicality to get into the lane being able to finish effectively through contact. Continued, the dribble penetration against individual defense is good and he can break down the defense off the bounce. The growth in his game would be more efficient and being more consistent with his shooting. The best aspect of Ivey is knowing when he needs to take over the game he is capable to do so from all three levels. His growth offensively will be vital to him reaching the potential as one of the best players in the country. As for defensively, he has the size and athleticism to continue to develop on that end. The consistency with positioning and locked-in effort at crucial times would elevate him to another level of a defender. Jaden Ivey will be looking to lead Purdue to a Big Ten and a deep NCAA tournament run.

7. Remy Martin Kansas

Martin had a very good career at Arizona State being one of the best scoring guards in the country and now will head to Kansas. Furthermore, Martin will look to be their lead guard in a backcourt next to Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun. Next, Martin brings the ability to make shots from the perimeter consistently especially off the bounce at 34.6% from three. Continued, he is capable of playing off the basketball with his movement to space the floor as a perimeter shooter. Additionally, he can take defenders off the dribble penetrating to the midrange for pull-up jumpers. Also, an area that he will need to develop further is becoming a better distributor with a multitude of Kansas scoring options. The ability for Martin to get hot at any moment within a game and taking over will be a great benefit for Kansas next season. As for the defensive end, he’s a decent defender with bringing good activity on the basketball. Martin lacks the size and consistency of the basketball to be a well-rounded defender. Remy Martin will be one of the best guards in the country looking to help lead Kansas towards a National Championship.

8. Andre Curbelo Illinois

Curbelo had a tremendous freshman season and is going to be one of the best players in college basketball moving forward. Now, Curbelo does a great job of getting into the lane with the ability to use footwork and manipulation to finish around the basket. Next, he is a maestro in ball screen action with the ability to distribute to others and get his shot in the mid-range area. Continued, he has the ability to make incredible plays, but he can also make massive mistakes it will imperative to find that balance and have a higher assist to turnover ratio. The pace of play by Curbelo is very good on the open floor, however, in the half-court, he must be more controlled to operate an offense efficiently. For Curbelo, he must improve his ability to make perimeter jumpers as he shot 16.1% from three which will make him way easier to defend. Therefore, the improvement would make him even more lethal as a passer with his ability to enter the ball into the post at an elite level and find perimeter players. As for the defensive end, he brings a really good edge and activity on the basketball. Also, he has a deceptive length which can disrupt the ball handler he is guarding as well. Andre Curbelo has All-American potential as long as he develops a jumper and becomes even more efficient as a playmaker.
Andre Curbelo uses underdog mentality, passing flash to woo teammates | The Daily Illini

9. Brad Davison Wisconsin

Davison is an ultimate competitor and coming off a strong season for Wisconsin looking to have one final successful season. First off, the consistency of Davison’s game is vital for him to be one of the best guards in the country. Now, his shot-making ability from the perimeter has improved shooting 38.9% from three. Additionally, he will be needed to be a better distributor for the Wisconsin offense with the departure of D’Mitrik Trice. Continued, he is active off the basketball spacing out well on the perimeter and cutting to the rim. Also, he has good footwork on the perimeter getting set on shots, and can create separation as well. The growth in Davison’s game being able to get to the basket more consistently will be key. As for defensively, is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country with his activity and ability to contain the basketball. He could improve his ability off the basketball to be a more complete defender. Davison will be the guy for Wisconsin entering next season being one of the best players in the Big Ten.

10. Andrew Nembhard Gonzaga

Nembhard was a big part of the success for Gonzaga with his consistency and playmaking ability. Furthermore, Nembhard will slide back over to the traditional point guard position next season for Gonzaga to be able to fully distribute and having more of a scoring role. He does a good job of getting into the lane as a finisher and can even post up effectively. Continued, Nembhard is a solid spot-up three-point shooter at 32.3% from three being dependable in that area. Additionally, he will be a major factor in their transition game with his ability to push the ball ahead and make key decisions. Also, his overall feel for the game is really good and he will bring great pace to Gonzaga and keep them as an elite offense. As for the defensive end, he’s a solid defender and does a good job on the basketball. The improvement of the basketball with better positioning would help Nembhard create more turnovers. Andrew Nembhard will look to lead Gonzaga from the point guard position to a National Championship.

Images Courtesy of, Alabama Crimson Tide, The Daily Illini, WVU Athletics

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